Super Yachts Exposed - The Maltese Falcon

  • By Daniel Da Silva

Super Yachts Exposed - The Maltese Falcon

Luxury sailing vessel the ‘Maltese Falcon’ is a massive 88 meter long Super yacht built by the Italian Perini Navi Yachts. At the time of its completion in 2006 the Maltese Falcon was the largest sailing super yacht in the world, a title that was short lived - not uncommon in the world of superyachts and billionaires.

The Maltese Falcon also has it's own official website where you can learn everything you need to know. I'd call it the Malteser but then I'd apparently have to give royalties to the Mars brand!?! Falcon unbelievable!

Maltese Falcon No Longer The Largest

As I write this, the largest Sailing Super Yacht in the world is being built. Owned by Russian Billionaire Andrey Igorevich Melnichenko and costing a measly £260m, this new superyacht  is 300ft high, has eight floors and an underwater observation room.Measuring 468ft in length, this ridiculously oversized vessel, which Mr Melnichenko is thought to have named 'A' to ensure it is listed first in shipping registers, is taking its first sea trials in Kiel, northern Germany.

*Andrey owns another Super Yacht called 'Z' so this writer suspects the reasoning for naming this new superyacht A was motivated by an alphabet more than a listing in a shipping register ;)

largest sailing super yacht ARead the full story here --> That's What You Call an Upgrade!

Now this is just my personal opinion, but that is one of the ugliest vessels I have ever seen. It looks like the love child of a Chinese Junk and an origami swan - seems that money can buy lots of things but style and taste are not one of them.
It seems this boat has been adequately named though, with the unimaginative name of A reflecting the sterile lines and lack of character present on this Super Yacht.

See below for an image of Andrey's other boat, 'Z' and you can begin to get an idea of how bad his tastes and choice of style really is. Don't get me wrong, every man is entitled to his own opinion, and art is in the eye of the beholder and all that - but c;mon, even Stevie Wonder could see how ugly both these vessels are!

superyacht Z is another russian billionaires toy

The Maltese Falcon However is a perfect example of stunning boat design and timeless beauty. Let's leave these ugly ducklings and spend some time on board the Elegance and Sophsitication of the Maltese Falcon.

Sailing Super Yacht - The Maltese Falcon

A privileged few guests will ever be fortunate enough to experience the Maltese Falcon under full sail. The huge clipper S/Y ‘Maltese Falcon’ is the (second) largest sailing yacht in the world and under full breeze her immense DynaRig powers her to record shattering speeds.

Interior, Accommodation and Toys.

Maltese Falcon’s interior is luxurious with a rich contemporary décor and as you can imagine offers all the space and luxuries that the powerfully wealthy and elite have come to expect.
This super yacht is able to accommodate twelve guests in five lower deck stateroom and one upper deck passage cabin with a private cockpit. There is an outdoor cinema, multiple entertaining decks as well as areas to sit quietly with a book and the company of an empty calm sea.

maltese falcon 8 Now THAT is one impressive outdoor cinema!

maltese falcon interior 4 maltese falcon interior 3 maltese falcon interior 2 Aft Cockpit sitting area

Maltese Falcon’s arsenal of toys and tenders include the following: 2x 10m Pascoe RIB Tenders, 1x Castoldi 5m Jet Tender, 2 jet-skis, 2 Sea-Bobs, 2 Laser sailing boats, 2 windsurfers, 2 stand-up paddleboards, 2 kayaks,  1 inflatable swimming-pool, banana boat and various inflatable toys, water-skis, wakeboards, kneeboard, various fishing rods, 6 full sets of scuba-diving gear and snorkeling gear.
And the best toy of all - an inflatable waterslide :)

maltese falcon interior 5

Design and Construction

Ken Freivokh Design was appointed designers for the world's largest privately owned sailing yacht. The Freivokh team is well advanced with their design work, which includes the external styling and design of the ultralight contemporary interior for this extraordinary yacht. Based on a Perini Navi hull built by Yildiz, with a ground breaking Dynarig concept developed by Gerry Dijkstra and Partners.

maltese falcon 9 maltese falcon 5 maltese falcon 6 maltese falcon 3

How Does This Sailing Mega Yacht Stay Upright?

Looking at the images of this amazing vessel one could be forgiven for thinking maybe it might fall over if the wind was strong enough! The reason it doesn't (and never will) however is because of Physics - the one constant that cannot be bargained with.

When the designers were creating these sails and the contrasting keel (boat bottom) they took into account a unit of measure called a 'moment'

In physics, a moment is a combination of a physical quantity and a distance. Moments are usually defined with respect to a fixed reference point or axis; they deal with physical quantities as measured at some distance from that reference point or axis.


For example: The 'Righting Moment' is the measure of weight x distance which calculates how much force is required to push the sails back to the 'right' position. It's all very technical and the reason why I am chartering super yachts and not designing them.

maltese falcon 7

Yacht Charter and Accommodation

Luxury sailing yacht 'Maltese Falcon' provides the following superior Guest Accommodation for 12 guests in 6 cabins:

  • VIP cabin on upperdeck with queen berth.
  • Full beam Master with King berth.
  • A seperate full beam dressing room and private gym on lower deck.
  • Four guest suites that can convert into two enormous VIP suites each with his/her heads.
  • All cabins have King or Queen berths.

maltese falcon 2

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