General Boat Hire Questions



Is it BYO or are drinks provided?


Depends on the boat - some boats allow BYO, some boats are ONLY BYO, some boats do not allow BYO as they provide a full bar server and some change their tune depending on the client.


Is a fridge provided? (in cases where it is BYO)


Again it depends on the boats, although most provide a fridge and/or eskies.


Can I bring my own tunes?


Yes. Nearly all of the charter boats and yachts we have available for hire come equiped with speakers and a sound system capable of playing most smart phones and music devices. Always check with us before hiring any boat so we can confirm these things.

Can I jump in the water from the boat?


Depends on the boat – some it is not possible because of the layout. Some boats will allow it. 


Can I swim in Sydney Harbour?


Of course, in fact, we encourage it. If the boat you have chartered allows for swimming and the weather is in agreement then we insist that you strip down and cool off - Sydney Harbour style

What Wharves Can I Use?

Depends on the boat. Most of our boats are based in Sydney Harbour so the majority of pickups occur from locations like King St Wharf. Alternative pick up points include:

CLICK HERE for a complete list of wharves in Sydney

How long before the Cruise do I need to arrive?

15 minutes.

4-hour minimum. Can we do less?

Depends on the boat. As a general rule, most harbour cruises have a 4-hour minimum although transfers can usually be arranged over 2 hours.
Speak to one of our friendly staff at the time of your booking to see if we can arrange something specific to meet your needs.

What if the Weather is Bad?

Luckily Sydney Weather is pretty much awesome most of the year, but on the rare occasion when it is not, here is what most boat owners have to say on the subject:

"The Boat will go unless conditions are so bad as to make it unsafe for passengers and crew."



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