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Any Boat is a charter boat agency based in Lavender Bay in Sydney Australia. The company was launched in 2009 by owner Daniel Da Silva and since then has become one of the leading agencies in the country.

Over the years Daniel has built strong relationships with boat owners, clients, and other agencies which has helped ensure that Any Boat is at the forefront of charter boat activity in Australia. Any Boat is one of the few charter boat agencies that has access to boats throughout Australia as well as contacts in Europe and the US for those wanting boat hire abroad.

In 2016 Any Boat moved into a new office in Lavender Bay from its offices at Woollahra and now has a staff of 9 ranging from customer service / sales staff to back office staff processing payments and invoices, and fine tuning cruises.

In 2016, Any Boat acquired Sailcorp and moved into its offices at Lavender Bay. This has helped Any Boat expand into the sailing segment and now oversees a thriving sail tour operation from Lavender Bay.

Any Boat prides itself on the ability to find a boat for almost any occasion. We have had countless times where clients were unable to find the boat they needed and with a little bit of luck on our side we have managed to organise a cruise on the perfect boat.

The client list at Any Boat ranges from international celebrities and VIP’s, to large corporates, small businesses, and individuals looking to plan a party. Our doors are open to anyone that needs a boat no matter how big or small the cruise may be.

Moving forward we aim to become the first choice for anyone needing any kind of boat in Australia and with the staff and systems we have in place it looks like this will be achieved in no time at all.

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