Are you excited about the upcoming game fishing season? Is the angler in you warming up, readying for the ocean breeze? Are you excited for the heart-racing thrill of reeling in the line for your biggest catch?

Whether you’re a beginner in the game fishing scene or a veteran angler, you might want to check out these deep-sea fishing do’s and don'ts before hopping on to your private fishing boat charter for the best experience.


The Do’s


Use the Correct Lures


correct use of lures

Using the correct lure to suit the fishing conditions on your deep sea fishing day will go a long way. So before getting into your fishing boat for hire option, make sure that you have the right bait and lure for the weather.

Using bright colours for sunny days, colours that contrast against the blue and green of the sea. There are many factors to consider in choosing a lure so put this in mind.

Aside from the conditions, make sure you also know the kind of lure your target wants to have the best chance of attracting them.

Use the Correct Fishing Gear


correct fishing gear

Like ice hockey that requires different equipment from other sports, deep-sea or saltwater fishing requires different rods, reels and lures.

So when you’re heading out to the ocean, make sure you’re equipped with the right fishing tackle so you won’t run into any trouble.

Listen to the Skippers and Deckies


listen to the skippers and deckies

Remember that these guys are pros for a reason. They live and breathe fishing so listening to their tips and guidance won’t hurt you.

Most of them will be locals with several years of experience in deep-sea fishing in Sydney so you might want to get a few pointers.

Wear Proper Clothing


wear proper clothing

It’s important to wear proper gear to make sure you stay comfy and to minimize injuries.

Since you’re probably going to be out in the open a lot, packing on sun protection like hats, sunglasses, long-sleeve fishing shirts will help keep you protected from UV rays.

Quick-drying pants will help you stay comfy as well. As for footwear, you might want to wear proper fishing boots with soles designed to give you the best traction so you won’t be slipping as you pull and tug.

The Don’ts


Don’t Forget to Take Seasickness Into Account


don't forget to take sickness into account

When you’re game fishing in the deep sea, you can expect some rough waves to hit your boat. Sometimes, even seasoned anglers can get hit with motion sickness so don’t forget to pack some medicine to make sure you won’t spoil your day.


Don’t Litter


If you like deep-sea fishing, then don’t litter our ocean. It’s the natural habitat of your target fish and your garbage will do nothing good.

Don't Litter

Don’t Forget Basic Tackle Maintenance


If you want to keep your fishing gear in perfect condition, you might want to do some simple maintenance after using it. From washing the rod, rinsing the reel, and soaking your line, there are many things you can do to keep your tackle working perfectly.

Proper cleaning, oiling, and storage can make sure that your gear will be ready for your next deep sea fishing adventures.

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