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Do you need help finding a Sydney Fishing Charter?  We work with all of the Sydney based boats and the list is right here.  Get in touch with us and we will be happy to help deciding which boat to go with.  Our staff are happy to help explain the difference bewteen the boats and what you get on each charter.

Sydney fishing charters are available through Any Boat all year around and we have a huge range of boats available offering all types of fishing. We always suggest our clients carefully consider what type of fishing they choose as they do vary quite a bit.

Deep Sea fishing charters in Sydney are what most people ask us for however there are a few different types. The main fishing charters we have have are reef fishing, game fishing, and sport fishing which are all done offshore and are considered deep sea fishing. Of the three we recommend Reef fishing for most people in Sydney.

Reef fishing is where your fishing charter heads out to one of the many reefs off Sydney and all guests are given a rod to fish for many species on the bottom with bait and hooks. The good thing about Reef Fishing is that everyone can be fishing at the one time and there is a very high chance of everyone catching fish. It is the most interactive and fun type of fishing charter as everyone is always doing something. Of course everything is supplied for you to fish so you don’t need any of your own gear.

Sport fishing is where the aim is to catch big fish on as light a line as possible. It allows anglers to really test their skills fighting the fish as if to much force is applied the light line will snap and the fish will get away. Sport fishing is probably our next choice for guests as it also keeps everyone busy and involved.

Game fishing charters in Sydney are what we get asked for the most often however it is probably our last choice for deep sea fishing. A lot of guests are familiar with the term Game Fishing charters however they don’t realise that the day is spent driving around for hours on end off-shore with lures spread out the back of the fishing charter boat hoping to hook up a marlin.

Now don’t get me wrong, for many people this is exactly what they want to do and is a thrilling experience. There is nothing quite as exciting as string to reel in a 250kg fish and those that love game fishing don’t waste their time on anything else. It is important though that guests know what they are signing up for.

Another type of fishing we do is in harbour fishing and as the name says, it involves fishing inside the harbour. The chances of catching “big” fish is not as high however the great thing is that there is no swell, no where near as much ricking, and a lot more people can be on board. In Harbour fishing is usually more of a social event and guests often enjoy a drink and some lunch while fishing.



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  1. 1650.0000 Fishing Charters on Amber main profile image

    Fishing Charters on Amber


    Amber is a 44-foot Riviera Flybridge that is suitable for inshore fishing charters for up to 12 passengers

    Learn More
  2. 2200.0000 Yackatoon Fishing Charters rear decal

    Fishing Charters on Yackatoon


    Yackatoon is available for both in-harbour fishing charters for up to 34 passengers and off-shore fishing charters for up to 12 passengers with all tackle, bait and fishing licenses included

    Learn More
  3. 800.0000 Pisces Fishing Charter

    Fishing Charter on Pisces


    Pisces is available for extreme fishing adventures and Sydney Harbour fishing charters for up to 10 guests

    Learn More
  4. 450.0000 Avalon Boat Hire - Outside view

    Boat Hire on Avalon


    Avalon is a fun boat with a huge sun drenched deck. There is room for 40 and BYO food and drinks are available with no additional surcharges. Learn More
  5. 250.0000 Traditional Style Fishing Boat For Up To 20 People

    Traditional Style Fishing Boat For Up To 20 People


    This traditional fishing boat is what people refer to when they are talking about how boats were made in the old days. Learn More
  6. 300.0000 Fantastic Deep Sea Fishing Charter

    Fantastic Deep Sea Fishing Charter


    Deep sea fishing Sydney reef systems on a charter boat with one of Australia's most experienced crews is an experience not to be missed. Learn More
  7. 350.0000 Front view of deep sea fishing charter

    50ft Deep Sea Fishing Charter


    The crew on board this vessel are highly experienced and will provide you with a memorable deep sea fishing experience.

    Learn More
  8. 325.0000 One of the fastest fishing charter boats on the water.

    One of the fastest fishing charter boats on the water.


    This charter boat specialises in big game fishing, reef fishing and sport fishing, but also cater for Sydney Harbour cruises Learn More
  9. 280.0000 Fishing charters on Reef Magic

    Fishing charters on Reef Magic


    Reef Magic is one of Sydney’s busiest fishing charter boats. Learn More
  10. 400.0000 A fishing charter with numerous records and trophies.

    A fishing charter with numerous records and trophies.


    Perfect for fishing or cruising Sydney Harbour. Learn More

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