Christmas Cruises

Christmas Cruises

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Christmas cruises are incredibly popular on Sydney harbour with private groups and families as well as corporate groups of all sizes.  We have done Christmas cruises for companies with 3 employees right up to whole departments from ASX 100 companies.

The smaller groups have a wide range of boats and options to choose from for their Christmas cruises.  Being a Christmas cruise some groups want to splurge a little and go for a fully catered cruise with food and drinks on a luxury boat. 

Seafood menus are often the Sydney menu of choice and there is usually plenty of champagne to go around.  Most boats will have a variety of Christmas menus available as well as their standard menus that are available at all times.

Quite a few of the boats we deal with have Christmas cruise packages that include French champagne such as Moet or Bollinger and for those with a bigger budget some even choose Dom Perignon to accompany their Christmas cruise menu.

Other groups have a more limited budget for their Christmas cruise and are happy to hire a BYO boat that allows them to take their own food and drinks.  A big favourite is the simple BBQ chickens and salads with some good Aussie beers and wines.

Larger groups having Christmas cruises in Sydney usually end upon one of our many function boats.  Some of the bigger boats have specific Christmas cruise packages available that can be quite economic and also have their standard food and beverage packages available.  Just because you are on one of their Christmas cruises does not mean you have to have the Christmas cruise menu.

These bigger boats do not allow BYO and can cater for groups as little as 80 and under right up to groups of 800.  The more people that attend the cheaper the packages become per person.  These boats have plenty of tables and seating so it is great to have a full buffet menu for Christmas Cruises. 

The really big Christmas Cruises are much better off getting a canapés menu instead of a buffet menu.  That way the entire boat can be filled with standing guests mingling with one another whilst eating amazing food served on platters by professional wait staff.

Sydney Christmas cruises on these boats also have alcohol packages for the guests ranging from basic packages to premium packages.  Basic packages usually include local beers and quality wines and sparkling, as well as soft drinks and juices.  Premium packages vary from boat to boat but usually include imported beers, premium wines, sometimes French Champagne, and in some cases they even include spirits.

Christmas cruises are a lot of fun and being on a boat on the water means that it is a private venue that can’t be gate crashed.  All Christmas cruises can be tailored to meet the needs of your group and we can make it as big or as little as you like.

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