Neptune Boat Hire


February – October 
$400 per hour
Minimum 4 hour charter 

November – January
$450 per hour
Minimum 4 hour charter

BYO Charters
Optional BYO pack $100
Includes ice, eskies, cups, plates, cutlery, napkins, utensils, condiments, garbage disposal and washing up.

Public holidays and special days such as New Years Eve and Boxing Day incur surcharges. Public Holidays are $550 per hour and special days are by quotation.

Wharf fees apply.


One of the most popular boats we deal with at Any Boat is Neptune. Neptune is available for boat hire all year around and specialises in simple boat hire. It is known as the easy charter boat because booking boat hire on Neptune is so easy.

Neptune is one of the few boat hire options in Sydney that allows BYO food and drinks without the complicating surcharges. There is just a single boat hire rate that is charged all year around. No complicated seasonal pricing. The only time the boat hire rate changes is on public holidays and special days like New Years Eve and Boxing Day.

If you prefer your boat hire Sydney event to be catered then Neptune does have catering options available as well. They do BBQ menus including a sausage sizzle starting at $12pp and Neptune also has packages with BBQ chickens, salads, fresh prawns from the fish markets and more.

Most boat hire Sydney events want boats with a good sound system and Neptune has a great sound system throughout the boat that is fully iPod and MP3 compatible. If you prefer to go old school then CD’s work fine as well as does the radio.

Boat hire on Neptune quite often involves stopping off in Athol Bay outside Taronga Zoo. It is very popular with guests who like to stop there to make use of the BBQ that is on board, or just stop to have lunch and go for a swim. Neptune has a nice big swim platform so that guests on boat hire events can easily get in and out of the water.

One of Neptune’s best features is the fact that it is perfect in all weather conditions. If it is a sunny day when your boat hire starts then Neptune opens right up. The canopies come off and Neptune becomes sun drenched summer boat. If your boat hire day happens to be a rainy one then the crew can quickly put the canopies on and enclose the whole boat making sure everyone stays dry and gets to use all of Neptune still. If guests want to keep out of the sun on a hot day the canopy can be put down leaving the sides off to create shade without closing the boat in. When it come to boat hire Sydney, Neptune really is the perfect all wether boat.

Neptune has a huge esky on board for all boat hire. It is built into the boat and so long as the drinks are stacked neatly it can fit six to seven cases of beer. You just need to supply the ice and the drinks.

Neptune works quite closely with a local bottle shop which is a part of a big chain and as such they get some great prices on drinks. If you choose Neptune for Boat Hire they can put you in touch with the bottle shop so that you can order your drinks and ice over the phone. The bottle shop will then arrange delivery so that your drinks are on board Neptune and on ice before your boat hire even starts.

Neptune is licensed to carry 30 guests for boat hire.


Neptune boat hire is happy for you to BYO. BYO means BYO food, drinks, and ice. If you BYO you will need to supply your own cups, plates, cutlery etc.

Pizza packages are also available.  For $12.50pp you get 1 pizza and half a garlic bread per person.

For $15pp you get the above pizza package with drinks as well. 

If you prefer the following menus can be prepared on board.

Sausage Sizzle $12pp
Sausage Sizzle, BBQ Chicken, Salads, Bread Rolls $23pp
Sausage Sizzle, BBQ Chicken, Salads, fresh prawns from the fish markets that day, Bread Rolls $35pp

We also work quite closely with a few caterers which you are welcome to use. contact us for the latest menus.


1. Sausage Sizzle $12pp

$12 per person

Sausage sizzle cooked fresh on board with bread rolls and sauces.  Good simple BBQ Food

2. Sausage Sizzle with BBQ Chickens and Fresh Salads $25pp

$25 per person

Sausage Sizzle cooked fresh on board
Juicy BBQ Chickens
Fresh Salads
Bread Rolls

3. Sausage sizzle with BBQ chickens, salads, and fresh prawns $35pp

$35per person

Sausage Sizzle cooked fresh on board
Juicy BBQ Chickens
Fresh prawns from the fishmarkets on the day
Fresh Salads
Bread Rolls

4. Pizza Package $15pp

Nice and simple. Pizzas and garlic breads for everyone on board


One of the most popular boats we deal with at Any Boat is Neptune.
  • BBQ
  • BYO Alcohol
  • BYO Food
  • Catering
  • iPod
  • Sound System
  • Sunbaking
  • Swimming