New Years Eve Cruises on Aussie Magic



New Years Eve Cruises on Aussie Magic 

Package Inclusions: 

  • 6 Hour cruise

  • Unlimited drinks package

  • Standing cocktail cruise

  • DJ and entertainment on board

  • Highly experienced skipper and crew

Price: $550 per person


The concept of New Year is all inclusive. People from different cultures and places join to celebrate the incoming year at different venues. Sydney Harbour is exceptionally busy during this time of year. To make sure that everyone is able to enjoy the very best of New Year’s Eve, we have customised several New Years Eve cruises just for you! Limited by the budget you have set aside for New Year’s Eve celebrations? Well, we have some great news! You do not need to worry about your budget as we have several New Years Eve cruises that are ticket based.

You can now purchase the New Years Eve cruises on Aussie Magic tickets at very affordable rates. Tickets offer much more than just a cruise around Sydney Harbour on New Year’s Eve! For starters, you will enjoy your new years eve cruise at a prestigious and classy venue; aboard one of our best yachts, Aussie Magic. As the name suggests, the yacht is very magical, adding more pomp to your day.

Secondly, you will get the front seat to watch the magnificent Sydney fireworks. You will be able to view the large and beautiful fireworks that Sydney is internationally known for, at a 360 degree angle, from any part of the yacht you will be at when midnight clocks. You can take a lot of pictures and selfies with the impressive fireworks as your personal background.

Our New Years Eve cruises tickets also offer a buffet with some of the world’s delicacies. The menu will have a three course meal that will be prepared by our professional staff. To ensure that the meal goes down smoothly, your New Years Eve cruises ticket will also give you access to the bar that is stocked with some of the best brands. You can finish of your meal with some dessert that will also be included in the package.

After the meal, take your glass of champagne and sit at the rear deck with the open ocean to your back and the beautiful and busy Sydney Harbour to your front. There is indeed no better way of ushering in the New Year than on our New Years Eve cruises. 



A large and expansive foredeck provides the perfect platform on board this new years eve cruise to watch the fireworks for 150 guests

  • Air Con
  • Alcohol Bar
  • BBQ
  • Catering
  • Dance Floor
  • iPod
  • Sound System
  • Sunbaking
  • Swimming

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