Boat Hire on Pilgrim


Boat Hire on Pilgrim includes skipper and crew

Price: $550 per hour

BYO surcharge: $100

Preferred pick up and drop off: Rose Bay

Wharf fees: $80 per stop


When many people think of boat hire, they think of personal experiences and memories. Whether the memories and experiences are made with friends or with family, boat hire should be easy, affordable yet extravagant. It should allow you to relax and have fun at the same time. Boat hire Sydney on Pilgrim offers all these and more. If you are looking to have fun with your friends or family, then consider taking your boat hire on Pilgrim.

The yacht can be suited for all types of events and people. With a maximum capacity of 24 guests for a boat hire charter, you and your friends will be spoilt for choice in regard to the activities you can do. Sailing events can take up to 15 guests, so surprise your family this summer with a fun day at the Harbour participating in some of the sailing events.

Boat hire Sydney on Pilgrim is not only classy but also convenient. The staff included in the boat hire is not only friendly but also very professional. In case you want to be pampered, a catering team can be provided. Skilled in both local and international cuisines, the team will make sure you get the delicacies you and your friends and family deserve. BYO is also an option on the Pilgrim boat hire Sydney.

The interior design of the yacht is very warm and homely, making it good for intimate family functions. The rear deck, which serves as the entry to the boat, is very spacious and has several lounge seats that guests can enjoy. It is the perfect place to treat your guests to cocktails and conversation. It is also a very good spot for taking group photos and selfies. Your guests can also take beautiful pictures of the different sceneries they see while on the boat hire Sydney at this spot.

The main saloon is made of teak, just like the decks. It is spacious and has ample space for all your guests. The galley can be seen a few meters past the main saloon.

The 58 foot boat hire option has two deep cockpits that your guests can enjoy. The cockpits are also very safe for children, making the boat hire Sydney the perfect yacht for families. Available only for the summer, this is your chance to book that great day out for your family and friends. You can now enjoy the yacht at a very competitive rate. 



Pilgrim is one of the premier sailing yachts available for charter on Sydney Harbour for up to 20 passengers to enjoy and explore the amazing sights on offer. 

  • Alcohol Bar
  • BBQ
  • BYO Alcohol
  • BYO Food
  • Catering
  • Fishing
  • iPod
  • O/N Accom.
  • Sound System
  • Sunbaking
  • Swimming