Boat Hire on Eco Safari


Boat hire on board Eco Safari includes captain and crew member.

Boat Hire Rates

$2000 for a minimum of 4 hours

$500 extra hour

Wharf Fees: $60 (Manly will incur an additional hour travel fee)

Pick up and drop off locations:  All Wharves except Man O’War, Circular Quay, Walsh Bay 2 Pontoon, Ives Steps

Please Note: In order to protect the vessel, red wine is not permitted on Eco Safari.


Eco Safari is a Seawind 1160 sailing catamaran and is one of the latest vessels to be added to the Any Boat fleet for boat hire this summer. At  11.6 meters long, boat hire on board Eco Safari will not only be comfortable for your thirty guests but filled with fun in the sun. The two large nets at the front are made for sunbaking on or if that’s too relaxing for you, jump off the rear steps into the sparkling harbour waters.

Boat hire on board Eco Safari comes with a highly experienced captain and crewmember. Your captain will navigate Sydney Harbour for you and take you to the most spectacular spots for you to enjoy your Sydney boat hire. A deckhand will assist with any food preparation, service and cleaning. While on your boat hire, you can walk around Eco Safari’s sun drenched deck and enjoy the 360-degree views that Sydney Harbour has to offer. From fun to views, you won’t miss a thing.

Step onto the rear deck and you will immediately notice Eco Safari’s crisp and clean lines. This area is covered along with an internal dining table and lounge seating so that your boat hire event will have some protection from the elements. The panoramic windows just above the lounge seating will ensure that no one from your boat hire group misses out. The outside comes in and the atmosphere is always set at a good time. Step downstairs and you will find a well-appointed bathroom and some more areas for you and your boat hire guests to relax.

Boat hire on board Eco Safari comes with multiple catering and BYO options. The BBQ on board always comes in handy and the fridges and eskies will keep your drinks chilled on those sunny summer days. Bring all your food and alcohol on board or enquire with our friendly staff and they will help organise a catering package that is suitable for your boat hire event. 


Enquire with our friendly staff to help you select a BYO or catering package suitable for you.


Eco Safari BBQ Menu


(For a minimum of 8 guests)

$29.00 per person

Organic Beef Sausages in rolls with mustards
Tandoori Chicken Skewers with Minted Yoghurt
Mixed Green Salad with Fetta, Caramelized Walnuts, Tomatoes & a light dressing


$43.00 per person

Lamb & Mint Gourmet sausages(gf) with bbq onions, baguette and condiments Tandoori Chicken Skewers with Minted Yoghurt(gf)
Proscuitto and Oven Roasted Tomato Filo Tarts
Potato salad with crispy bacon and shallot(gf)
Greek salad(gf)
Chocolate fudge brownies


$50.00 per person

Mini steak sandwich with roast tomato, mustard mayonnaise and rocket Peri peri prawns(gf)
Tandoori Chicken skewers with Minted Yoghurt(gf)
Caesar Salad
Tangy slaw with cherry tomato, cucumber, radish, capsicum, mint(gf) Lemon Citrus Tarts with strawberries

Optional extra: Platter of prawns with aioli (Market price on request) 

Eco Safari Cocktail Menu


Minimum 10 people


$50.00 per person

Select 6 from/12 bites each


$60.00 per person

Select 8 from/16 bites each

Vietnamese rice paper rolls with noodle salad and mint(gf) Tartlets topped with smoked salmon, cream cheese and dill Gourmet chicken, aioli, rocket & celery ribbon sandwiches
Rare roast beef, onion relish, rocket and brie rolls(gf)
Roasted Vegetable Filo Tart
Thai Prawns with chilli and shallot salt(gf)
Assorted Sushi with Soy(gf)
Chicken & Chive Wontons with Coriander
Pork and fennel Chipolattas with roast capsicum relish(gf) Peking duck pancakes with hoisin and shallot
Freshly shucked oysters with ginger and lime dressing(gf)
Petite vegetarian fritattas(gf)
Mini bagel with rare roast beef, semi dried tomatoes, Dijon & baby rocket

Premium Canapes

Extra $8.00 per canapé

Lemon & Oregano cutlet with yoghurt & tahini dressing(gf) Mini box with Thai beef Salad with fresh herbs, glass noodlesgf)

Sweet Selection

$10.00 per person - 3 pieces each Petite fours selection 

Eco Safari Grazing Platters


These platters may be ordered in addition to your main meal as an entree or dessert. They are also great for morning or afternoon tea, or as a predinner nibbles.

Each platter serves 15p + as canapés

Antipasto (vegetarian) A selection of char grilled capsicum, eggplant and artichoke hearts, assorted olives, semi dried tomatoes, dolmades and more!
Accompanied by a complimentary Turkish bread loaf!

Cheese & Antipasto Platter The same assortment of vegetarian antipasto as described above, Tasmanian Heritage Brie, Ashgrove Vintage Cheddar, Tasmanian blue vein cheese and Ambrosia. Accompanied by a complimentary Turkish bread loaf!

Meat & Antipasto Platter The same assortment of antipasto as described above, Danish salami, ham deluxe, pancetta and rare roast beef. Accompanied by a complimentary Turkish bread loaf!

Mezza Platter A trio of gourmet dips hommus, babaganoush and Slices red caviar dip served with semi dried tomatoes, marinated and fetta stuffed olives and bite size pieces of Turkish bread, perfect for dipping!


Medium: 10 people (32 pieces) $60.00 Large: 15 people (50 pieces) $80.00
If ordered without a main meal, $25 delivery fee. 

Eco Safari Lunch Box Menu


Minimum 6 people


$22.00 per person

Baguette with triple smoked ham, tomato, cheddar cheese, Dijon mustard and rocket Tortilla wrap with spiced chicken breast, roast capsicum, avocado and salad Roast vegetable frittata(gf)
Apple crumble slice


$27.00 per person

Damper Roll with Proscuitto, Pesto, Bocconcini, Tomato & rocket
Tortilla wrap with roast chicken breast, poached egg, bacon, parmesan, cos and aioli Tart with roast tomato, ricotta, parmesan, herbs
Chocolate Fudge brownie


$35.00 per person


Chicken, Mayo, Rocket and Celery Ribbon Sandwiches Lamb Fillet with Minted Yoghurt, tomato, fetta and leaves Portuguese Custard Tarts

Salad boxes: Minimum order of 6 per selection

Couscous with roast pumpkin, fetta, green bean, mint and Yoghurt dressing
Brown Rice Salad with Cashew, Sultanas, Capsicum, Parsley with Lemon & Soy Dressing(gf)
Vietnamese chicken and rice noodle with lime and coriander(gf)
Char grilled chicken breast, cos, bacon, egg, shaved parmesan and aioli(gf)
Salad Nicoise; tuna, cherry tomato, potato, green beans, olives and herbed mayonnaise(gf) Tandoori chicken, baby spinach, cherry tomato, capsicum, mint and yoghurt(gf) Thai beef with vermicelli, tomato, cucumber, mint, Thai basil and capsicum(gf)
BBQ pork with crunchy noodles and plum sauce dressing
Portuguese tart

Optional extra: Platter of prawns with aioli (Market price on request) 

Eco Safari Platter Menu


$35 per person

Selection of petite baguettes, bagels, rolls and wraps with gourmet fillings and our in-house relishes
Tart with roast tomato, leek, ricotta, parmesan and herbs
Honey and Soy Drummettes with Sesame Seeds(gf)
Seasonal fruit platter


$43.00 per person

Selection of dips with pitta crisps
Chicken, Mayo, Rocket and Celery Ribbon Sandwiches
Prawn salad with rice noodles, fresh herbs, cucumber and chilli & Shallot Salt(gf) Peking Duck Pancakes
Vegetarian Rice Paper Rolls(gf)
4 Cheese Arancini balls with Aoili
Marinated fetta and olives(gf)
Mini stuffed peppers(gf)
Sweet Potato & Proscuitto Frittata(gf)
Lemon Citrus Tarts & Brownies
Seasonal fruit


$55.00 per person

King prawns with Citrus Aoili
Lamb Fillet with Tomato, red onions, baby spinach and yoghurt dressing(gf) Tart with caramelised onion, fetta and spinach
Greek Salad(gf)
Rocket, Roasted Beetroot, Sweet Potato & Pear Salad with Walnut Dressing (gf) Wild rocket with balsamic roast pear, shaved parmesan and toasted almonds(gf) Selection of breads
Platter with cheese, Strawberries & water biscuits OR Petit Fours with Strawberries

Blue Water

$80.00 per person

Oysters with ginger and lime dressing(gf)
King prawns with lemon mayonnaise(gf)
Crab & Mayo Ribbon Sandwiches
Asian Roasted Atlantic salmon with coriander and mint(gf) Potato salad with bacon & fried shallots(gf)
Wild rocket with pear, shaved parmesan and toasted walnuts(gf) Assorted breads from the bakery
Platter of cheese, seasonal fruit and water biscuits
Petite fours selection

Optional extra: Platter of prawns with aioli (Market price on request) 


Eco Safari is an ideal boat hire option for a range of events on Sydney Harbour. At 38 feet she is suitable for groups of up to 30 people and was built with stability and comfort in mind.

  • BBQ
  • BYO Alcohol
  • BYO Food
  • Catering
  • iPod
  • Sound System
  • Sunbaking
  • Swimming