Boat Hire On Brynda


Boat hire on Brynda Includes skipper and crew

Year round rates
$350 per hour
Minimum 4 hour charter $1400

BYO Charters
$100 surcharge applies
Includes all crockery, cutlery, cups, utensils, serving equipment and eskies
Please Note - BYO Ice

Pick up and drop off wharf fees apply

Public holiday surcharges apply


For anyone to be satisfied with their boat hire Sydney experience, they have to get the best yacht for their needs and requirements. Many a time, this task is usually disregarded and clients do not get what they needed. At Any Boat, we value all our clients and promise to ensure that your boat hire experience is not only easy but also satisfactory. For this reason, we have customised boat hire offers that are very affordable. One of our clients’ favourite is the boat hire Sydney on Brynda package.

Brynda is one of the best vessels available for deep sea fishing. Boat hire on Brynda will, therefore, give you the opportunity to also enjoy some deep sea fishing. The yacht is very stable making it the best bet for the rough and deep waters. Also, due to the state of the art technology installed, it is very quiet ensuring that fish are not disrupted by loud engine noises.

The deck is very large making it very good for fishing as guests can sit comfortably near the railings, as they fish. Both the rear and front decks can be used for this purpose. Also, as any boat hire Sydney lover knows, the main saloon has to be attractive and spacious. This is well covered in Brynda. When the guests are not outside fishing, they can go inside for a well prepared lunch. The authenticity of your boat hire will leave guests not only impressed but with good memories for years to come.

Whether you are thinking about a family outing, a weekend with friends, or hosting a corporate event, you cannot go wrong with boat hire Sydney on Brynda. The package is available all year round. Apart from the fishing, you will also be able to enjoy the sites of beautiful venues that are along Sydney Harbour. Talk to us today to secure that weekend getaway for your family and friends. 



Primarily available for fishing charters, Brynda is also available for boat hire on Sydney Harbour for up to 12 people

  • BBQ
  • BYO Alcohol
  • BYO Food
  • Catering
  • Fishing
  • iPod
  • Sound System
  • Sunbaking
  • Swimming