For some people, tying the knot is the best and most special day of their lives, that’s why they want only the best things for their wedding. From the venue, the food, and even up to the music, everything has to be perfect and memorable.

And if you’re still in the middle of planning your wedding and wants to add a touch of romance, here’s why you should go for a superyacht wedding:


The Views

Having your
wedding on a superyacht sailing on the beautiful Sydney Harbour will surely provide you and your guests spectacular viewing angles of it. Imagine saying your vows on the deck, with the lovely and iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge as your witness.

Why Superyacht Weddings Are Romantic - Syndey Harbour views

Which brings us to our next point, which is...

The Pictures

wedding on superyacht

If you’re looking for beautiful wedding photos, then you’ll do no wrong by choosing a superyacht wedding.

Amazing photos can be taken with the romantic Sydney harbour in the background. The time of the ceremony won’t matter, with the right lighting and technique you’ll be able to capture more sweet moments even at night.

Unlike some other venues on land, you can be sure that the open decks of superyachts and large party boats will give you the greatest backdrops for your photos.

The Elegance

Elegance Superyacht
With their stunning exteriors and lush, inviting interiors, most of the superyachts for hire in Sydney just ooze with elegance.

You’ll turn any wedding ceremony and reception into luxurious unforgettable events if you’ll have it on a boat.

It perfectly fits any formal theme and motif so your planner just needs some minimal decorating to make it suited for your wedding.

The Meaning

meaning superyacht wedding

Just like beach weddings, you can use a superyacht wedding to symbolize your relationship. Aside from the stunning views of the river and the beaches can provide, it can provide a deeper meaning to your ceremony.

You can say that your love will become as endless as the ocean and as timeless as the tides. And since it’s your wedding, you can be as cheesy as you want!

The Luxurious Trip

Luxurious Trip

Superyacht weddings let you and your guests enjoy not only your matrimony but also a luxurious cruise trip as well.

Sydney Harbour cruises are memorable experiences, and going on one while celebrating a wedding will be one your guests will appreciate.

They’ll get to see the luxurious views you can only see from a boat while enjoying luscious food and beverages prepared by professional chefs and bartenders.

Getting a superyacht also make sure things are nice and private. Once that vessel leaves the wharf, no other guests can disturb the party.

The Convenience

Convenience superyacht

Aside from the romantic reasons, superyacht weddings are also a logical choice since you can have the official ceremony and receptions at the same place.

By removing the need to transfer from one location to another like in most traditional church weddings, you’ll save a lot of time and money.

Thinking of having a romantic superyacht wedding in Sydney? Let Any Boat help you find the best boat to make your wedding enchanting and one of a kind! Call now for enquiries or fill out this quote request form!