We Put the Spotlight on Vivid

  • By Daniel Da Silva

We Put the Spotlight on Vivid

One of Sydney’s biggest and most magical events is well under way and we, just like you, are excited! Vivid Festival will transform Sydney Harbour into something entirely magical. With the beautiful lights, entertaining music and out of this world ideas, you will be blown away by the transformation of the Harbour. This year, the event will be much bigger and better, so you really need to get prepared for it! To help you get the best out of the event, we shine light on the three things you really should look out for when enjoying the festival from your vivid cruises.

Vivid Cruises Vivid Cruises


For 23 days, from May 26th, the Harbour will be turned into a hub of different beautiful lights that you will enjoy. Darling Harbour and Barangaroo will be nothing short of spectacular with all the lights on. From your vivid cruise, you will be able to watch all the beautiful lights at a comfortable distance. Also, the event projects different lights with a fountain show that people of all ages will enjoy. There is no way you will miss out on this beautiful utopia.

vivid Cruises


Throughout the event, a contemporary music playlist will be played. Both local and international artists will also perform. The music ranges from live bands to DJs. And to make it that more interesting. You will be provided with light and laser spectacles! To get the best out of the music that will be performed, check out Carriage Works, and Sydney Opera House. Since vivid festivals literally puts Sydney on hold. You will be able to enjoy the local and international acts at various clubs and bars in the city.

Vivid Music


During the vivid festivals, you will be introduced to some of the best vivid ideas you can imagine. There are several workshops and presentations that will take place through the 26-day event that you can enjoy. If you want to learn and share what you know, these workshops are for you.

An additional tip is that you consider experiencing vivid festival from a luxurious yacht. Vivid cruises make the experience that more authentic and fun. And it sure is a better option if you want to get best pictures and unrestricted view of the Harbour during the event. For the largest range of Vivid Cruises available on Sydney Harbour this year visit the Any Boat Vivid Cruise Category.