The Great Australia Day Debate

  • By Daniel Da Silva

The Great Australia Day Debate

A few days ago I put forward the question 'what 2 things are most important on Australia Day'. In essence what I was asking really was, what makes us Australian - what is it that defines us as a nation and lets the rest of the world know who we are and what we stand for?

Tough questions for a boat charter blog granted, but in true Aussie spirit let's tackle them anyway, because she'll be right mate.

Yep, That's a Bloody Good Answer

Triple M Sydney, one of the leading radio stations on the FM dial is holding what is in essence the ultimate Australia Day event - and it also provides us with their answer as to what 2 things are most important on Australia Day. And I for one have to admit that it's a pretty damn good answer. I'd even go so far as to say they've answered this question on behalf of the rest of us!

Triple M reckon the two things that define us as Australians and are an integral part of any half decent Australia Day are Backyard Cricket... AND the greatest Harbour in the world - Sydney.

But wait there's more!

Before you get all excited about the prospect of receiving a free set of steak knives let me explain. Triple M are holding what I personally think is THE GREATEST AUSTRALIA DAY EVENT IN HISTORY - holding a game of Cricket on the biggest most instantly recognisable backyard in the world.

Triple M Australia Day one dayer promo

Howzat for a good idea?!

I know the moment I heard about it I made sure I had booked an Australia Day Cruise. OK so I *could potentially win tickets through the radio station - but the chances of that are somewhere between none and buckley's so I'm playing the smart card instead ;)

So Backyard Cricket and Sydney Harbour aye?

I personally came up with BBQ in thongs and an apron with boobs while playing backyard cricket - and as awesome as my answer is (which it totally is) I still reckon the boys (and girls) at Triple M have come up with a better one!

Backyard Cricket For The Win!

backyard cricket on Australia Day

Backyard cricket was something we both came up with - and I think it's probably a common theme amongst all Aussies -  but what about the rules mate? I mean it's all fun and games (until someone loses an eye) but without rules how can you truly win and enjoy rubbing it in your mates faces?!

Steve Waugh, one of Australia's greatest ever Cricketers has written the Official Rules to Backyard cricket - This is serious mate.

Now it's Your Turn

I put it to you now to answer the original question posted here. What do you think defines us as a country and within that, what 2 ingredients are most vital for a true blue dink di Australia Day?

australia day and bbq