New Years Eve 2015 - Only 12 Sleeps Left!

  • By Daniel Da Silva

New Years Eve 2015 - Only 12 Sleeps Left!

As I write this my children are excitedly counting down the days until Santa comes, enthusiastically waking up to their advent calendar and enjoying the inherent guarantee of chocolate and the promise of one less day until the Jolly fat man shows up.

I too am enjoying this time of the year - what parent doesn't? - heck, what human doesn't? ... but it got me thinking about what matters to us 'big children' - you know, the ones who have moved past advent calendars and counting down the days until Christmas, and I realised the answer was amazingly close.... 6 days close in fact ;)

Sydney Harbour New Years Eve 2015

new years eve cruises to watch the sydney fireworks show

Just because you don't have an Advent Calendar doesn't mean you can't also have your own countdown. And with 12 days left until New Years Eve you could even have a 12 days of New Years celebration of some kind. (Please note that if you find a partridge in pear tree it should be returned to your closest RSPCA or animal hospital at your earliest convenience.)

12 Days of Preparations.

12 Day until New Years Eve = 12 Sleeps. I'm telling you this because my 6 yo daughter told me so. She said I should include this in the article because it is "important and it is also right" - I for one know not to argue with children. I also know not to argue with women. It goes without saying then that when the child in question is a woman.... EXACTLY!..."look sweetheart - I'm writing in as we speak"

So what can you do to better prepare for the big night? I mean you have 12 days to do so after all - so what's the point of highlighting this fact if I can't also provide you with some sort of game plan or check list.

That's not a bad idea!!! OK let's do that now :)

Your 2015 Sydney Harbour New Years Eve Checklist


Ok it's getting to the pointy end of the year and by now you should have already locked in your 2015 New Years Eve game plan. I'm assuming you have been uber clever and booked yourself a private New Years Eve Cruise or Purchased Tickets on one of our many party boats?

OK excellent, well then you don't need a checklist because you've already sorted your night. If you purchased tickets on a New Years Eve Cruise then you are already guaranteed:

  • The Best Seat in the House - literally!
  • Uninterrupted views of the harbour and the fireworks show
  • All you can eat and drink - alcoholic and otherwise
  • Transport is sorted - you have already made plans to park your car near the wharf from which your cruise departs. Parking is relatively cheap and you can always leave the car there until you stagger back sometime next year - ALWAYS a recommended option to leave yourself I might add!

For those unfortunate souls who have to watch the fireworks with the other 1.5million landlubbers, planning ahead is paramount, and as such this New Years Eve Checklist is for you ;)

Sydney - New Years Eve - 2015

sydney 2015 new years eve checklist

Checklist item 1: Are you in Sydney?
YES!!! Alright so far so good ...
There isn't a better address come December 31st and as such the first and most important thing on our checklist can be ticked off, crossed, removed - GAWNSKI! (can I get a Woot?!)

Checklist item 2: Do you like to Party?
YES!!! It's amazing how many times this checklist ends up in Mormon bible camps and Amish Villages. Makes for a quick and easy checklist mind you - especially when said camp/village is not in Sydney! :p

Checklist item 3 - 5: Where are you Watching the Fireworks and how you getting there and back?
It goes without saying but making sure you know where you are going to watch the fireworks and then making sure you know exactly how you are getting there and back is kinda important. (the getting back home bit always seems to work itself out so focus on the first bit - TOP TIP!)

Follow this link for a list of Road Closures and overall NYE Accessibility.

Checklist item 6: Alcohol sorted?
Let's not beat about the bush here - people get SMASHED on New Years Eve! They get totally blotto every other night too but come New Years eve and it's "GAME ON"
The key here is responsibility - and although I hate to be the Devil's advocate - Drinking responsibly and having a good time go hand in hand, So leave your glass and your immature attitude at home and come party with the rest of Sydney this December 31st.

And if you're thinking about doing drugs then you're an idiot. Drugs are bad mmmmkay! Besides, you really want to be the next Daily Telegraph story? 

Checklist item 7 through 12: Did you call that guy? and WHERE THE HELL ARE MY CAR KEYS?
If you have already booked your New Years Eve Cruise and/or made plans with your mates to go to a house, club, pub or one of the many vantage points around Sydney Harbour and you know how you are getting there and what you are eating and drinking then the rest of it kinda sorts itself out.
From this point the only worrying you need to do in relation to New Years Eve is how much you will drink and whether you will regret it - sorry, HOW MUCH you will regret it when the sun rises to signify the beginning of 2016...

no tunes or power makes babies cry The Universal "I'm never drinking again" face

Checklist Items 7 through 12 are also used by the female of the species to decide what to wear. This apparently is a highly important part of the planning process that requires at least 3 friends and 72 hours of solid 'discussions'.

what to wear on new years eve 2015 Click image to read the article and get tips on what to wear on NYE (apparently)

Within this you will find Checklist items 9 and 10 are usually set aside for emotional instability as a result of the 'what to wear process', and it is at this point that I highly recommend all men implement the emergency 'piss off to the pub' or 'I'll be in the shed" protocol.