Are you looking to plan an event for your company or starting to think about where your Christmas party will be this year? Here at Any Boat, we take pride in having the ability to find the perfect boat for any occasion and provide you with the best experience. Choosing a venue for a company event will play a huge role in the productivity and participation of your employees. What better way to celebrate your employees and clients then by taking them out on a luxury boat to enjoy a gourmet meal, and champagne. Want to make sure your event is a success? Follow these five business event planning tips:

Determine the goals

What do you want the outcome of this event to be? Are you hoping to educate your team on a certain topic, or introduce them to a new model or product launch? Whichever the case may be once you have a goal in mind everything else will come together. Consider assigning goals to each stage of event preparation to ensure a smooth planning process. Once you’ve defined your goals you will be able to start evaluating a budget and decide on the perfect venue.

Develop a budget and start planning

One of the most challenging parts to planning a corporate event is establishing a budget. Make sure you set yourself up for success by creating a realistic budget with some wiggle room in case of an emergency. Take advantage of the tools at your disposals such as Freshbooks or Mint to help make this process much easier for you. Spreadsheets are another great tool when tracking spending. We suggest Google Spreadsheets because you can customise it to your liking and share it with other people on your team.

Although there are boats for a very wide range of budgets, most people are shocked or don’t know what to expect when budgeting for an event on a yacht. Hourly rates can vary from $350 per hour to $5000 per hour. After including catering and beverages, an event for 60 guests could easily reach $30,000. At the other end of the scale is a BYO event on a catamaran that can cost as little as $1500 for 20 guests.

Corporate Events and Cruises

One of the main guiding principles at Any Boat is finding the most suitable boat to meet the client’s requirements and budget. From experience, most people don’t know what to expect when chartering a boat for a function. Your charter consultant will help bridge that gap and make for a seamless experience. Based on your budget, group size and date, the charter consultant will source the most suitable boat for your event from a pool of over 200 vessels. Your charter consultant will do all the hard work for you.

Having a function on a boat also presents some obstacles and limitations. It is the charter consultant’s responsibility to maintain clear lines of communication. Once a boat leaves the wharf for example, it is very difficult, and sometimes impossible to pick up any late running guests. The same can be said for guests that would like to disembark early. Delivery of goods and setting up for corporate product launches can present some logistical challenges. Charter consultants at Any Boat though are well trained and have a wealth of experience with which they could assist to make sure that everything goes to plan.

Corporate Events and Cruises

Keep your employees engaged

Even if you host an event on one of our wonderful yachts, there is nothing worse than sitting in a room for hours listening to the same person talk. When putting together your presentation, think about incorporating activities that require active participation such as, a game that will challenge employee’s knowledge. Taking a more hands-on learning approach will ensure that your employees retain more information.

Group discussions are another way to interact with your audience. For a more dynamic discussion, try grouping together individuals from different departments. This will allow employees to engage with peers they may have never had a chance to before. Collaborative discussions will require participation and give individuals the opportunity to give their advice or opinions about certain topics and challenges that might be addressed.

A very popular team building activity is taking part in sailing regattas. Each yacht is made up of teams of seven to ten members and an experienced skipper. Teams usually have the choice of taking part in a somewhat leisurely sail around the Harbour or really getting in there working as a team to win. Regattas require all the people on board to work together seamlessly. Some other interesting options that some companies have opted for include stopping at an island in the Harbour for a BBQ and a game of Bubble Soccer.

Corporate Events and Cruises

Some yachts such as Sahana or Silver Spirit offer aqua golf where participants can use Sydney Harbour as their driving range. Another great activity is laser clay shooting. These activities cost approximately $1500 but are well worth the money when you consider the enjoyment and competitive factors

Organisation Is key

We all have our own way of staying organised. However, when it comes to event planning especially for a company function organisation is key. Our team will work with you to answer any questions you may have or suggest certain options that might work better for your particular event.

Creating a checklist will help you to identify every detail and a timeline leading up to the event. This is something you can put together yourself or utilise an event planning checklist template to get you going.

Look into using event ticketing technology to keep track of your attendees. It’s easy to use for big or small events and is no cost to you. Share the details on social media for your clients and employees to check out. Managing online RSVP’s online is more efficient and effective than the traditional mail and receive method.

Evaluate the event

From the start of an event to the finish you should have a good strategy in place. At the end of any event, ask your attendees to leave feedback by taking a survey or having them comment on social media. This will be the most valuable piece of information to gather because you can use their feedback to make any necessary changes for years to follow.