Only 10 Tickets Left On Galene!

  • By Daniel Da Silva

Only 10 Tickets Left On Galene!

Sydney Harbour is without doubt one of the most amazing places in the world to experience the spectacle that is New Years Eve, and with only 48 hours until 2015 comes to an end it would be fair to assume that all the best seats in the house are well and truly gone.

For the most part this is true - tickets and boats for New Years Eve have been sold out for a few weeks now, but it appears there is one boat who has been hiding a few from us.
And available tickets isn't the only surprise she has in store either...

Sydney Harbour of Lights Parade 

galene is taking part in the harbour of lights parade

The Harbour of Light Parade is a pilgrimage of brightly lit and colourfully decorated vessels that make their way down Sydney Harbour between 9:15pm and 11:30pm every New Years Eve.
It is one of the highlights of New Year’s Eve for those viewing from the foreshore and for those lucky enough to be aboard one of the selected vessels it is truly breathtaking.

And that's not even the best bit!
Vessels that take part in the Harbour of Lights Parade get access to the exclusion zone, guaranteeing all those aboard the best views of the midnight show whilst those outside the exclusion zone fight for a decent spot to anchor.

Galene is one of those vessels selected to take part in the 2015 Harbour of Lights Parade on New Years Eve and is probably the only one with tickets still available.

Amazing Views AND Amazing Value

Not only is Galene taking part in the Harbour of Lights Parade and guaranteeing all her occupants the most immersive New Years Eve experience one can get, she also happens to be one of the best value New Years Eve cruises around.
In terms of value for money you cannot beat Galene, with a single ticket price under $500 including fully catered finger foods (see menu here) and all the beverages (alcoholic and otherwise) that you can drink.

But don't take my word for it, see for  yourself!

Galene top deck

Many New Years Eve Cruises have limited space outside, forcing many of their occupants to watch the fireworks from inside through windows. That may be OK for some but personally, if I'm going to experience New Years Eve and the Sydney Fireworks spectacle then I really want to immerse myself in the atmosphere - something I think gets filtered slightly through tinted glass.

Experience The Magic for Yourself.

Experience the magic that is the Sydney Harbour of Lights Parade and enjoy 360 degree views of the fireworks from her top deck.
It beats spending the evening in a
crowded pub or club in Sydney, and at $495 a ticket I can almost guarantee it works out cheaper too!*

*Have you bought an imported beer or spirit over the bar lately?! Exactly.

Grab yourself a Ticket on Galene this 2015 New Years Eve and enjoy your own immersive experience before someone else beats you to it.


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