New Years Eve Cruises Sydney – A Truly Explosive Experience.

  • By Daniel Da Silva

New Years Eve Cruises Sydney – A Truly Explosive Experience.

New Years Eve in Sydney is probably one of, if not the biggest night of the year in Sydney’s busy social calendar.
Making sure they have their night planned and their vantage point sorted for the fireworks show therefore, is paramount in the minds of nearly every tourist and local Sydney resident thinking of attending.

I’ve previously referenced the fact that the stress surrounding New Years Eve and more specifically, finding somewhere decent to watch the fireworks is probably the reason we start the following year so deflated and stressed out!

Start 2016 With a Positive Bang!

Put yourself in the drivers seat starting from the get go and make sure you end 2015 in style. Who needs stress? I know I don’t – I prefer to just cruise.

Speaking of Cruising on New Years Eve…

Nice Segway Alex! “Thank you. I’ll be here all week – try the New Years Eve Cruises Sydney!”

New Years Eve Cruises Sydney – For The Best Fireworks

I was always the first to act like I didn’t care about the fireworks, making generic statements like “oh once you’ve seen one show you’ve seen them all” and so on and so forth. The truth of course is so far removed from this statement that it actually hurts to think about it.

Of course we love fireworks. Who doesn’t?! Like shark attacks and extreme sports, we humans are fascinated by the explosive colours and skills required to turn a pile of gunpowder into the pyrotechnical art show we see before us.

So how do the New Years Eve Sydney Fireworks compare to the rest of the world?


The question is often asked – as they did here and the resounding answer always puts Sydney in the top 10, usually in the first 5 for Top Cities to visit during the New Years celebrations.

Other popular venues include New York’s times square as well as London and more recently Dubai.

Call this author bias, but I don’t see how watching a ball drop from a clock or seeing a giant clock as the backdrop can even compare to the incredible sights that surround you when you are watching the fireworks and enjoying new years eve cruises Sydney!?!

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