New Years Eve cruises are almost gone

  • By Daniel Da Silva

New Years Eve cruises are almost gone

New Years Eve cruises are almost booked out. We do still have some boats available for new years eve cruises and there are even some that we have not had a chance to upload to the new site yet but about 90% of the new years eve cruises in Sydney are booked now.

Sydney New Years cruises are an absolute must for everyone at some stage in their lives and each year they get harder and harder to book. Especially the cheaper cruises. Our advice is always to book as easily as you can to avoid disappointment but if you find you are stuck send us an email and we will see what else we can find.

We try and keep our New Years Eve cruises page up to date and hope to have the majority of boats up asap. For tyne most up to date list of what new years cruises are still available just email the office and one of the girls will get right back to you.

If a private New Years Eve cruise looks like it will be out of the question there re always Sydney new years eve cruises on bigger boats where you can buy a ticket to a joint event. These new years eve cruises usually include all of your food and drinks and allow you to spend the night with new groups of fun people.