12 Things to Make Sure Your New Years Eve Cruise Offers

  • By Daniel Da Silva

12 Things to Make Sure Your New Years Eve Cruise Offers

Going on a New Years Eve Cruise on Sydney Harbour this 2015? - Here's a dozen things to make sure your cruise includes:

1: Accessible Pickup and Dropoff Location

There is nothing worse than finding out that your most awesome New Years Eve Cruise is actually leaving from a wharf on the Island of Mordor ... or something. Make sure that not only is the location of the wharf central and convenient for everyone, but check also for the availability of parking in the immediate area. There's nothing worse than finished up your cruise and demanding that your sea legs carry you 3 kays through the city to locate your car.

2: Time Enough For BOTH Firework Shows?

As you know there is also a family friendly fireworks show that starts at 9pm and runs for approximately 15 - 20 minutes. Make sure your cruise leaves early enough to enjoy this 9pm show. This means making sure you leave with enough time for the boat to find a suitable place to anchor and settle.

3: Dietary Requirements and Your Responsibilities

Make sure that if you are getting a catered cruise that you know what is included and that any special dietary needs have been passed on to the crew. Any Boat and our affiliates accept all care for your time onboard but cannot accept responsiblity for allergies and any reactions to the provided food.

4: Hidden Fees and Corkage?

Hidden-Fees-and-Escalating-Costs1If you get a BYO cruise then be sure there are no hidden charges or corkage fees. Most of the New Years Eve Cruises that we offer here at Any Boat do not incur  any additional charges for BYO - because why would you?! Other Boat Hire companies do not feel the same way however, so always check.

5: Do You Need a Ticket?

Of course I need a ticket Alex! OK fair enough - I should have been more specific. Do you need a physical ticket? Most cruises and boat hire companies do not issue physical tickets - it is 2015 after all, but there are some outfits that still operate out of 1988 and as such will require you to physically carry a ticket or proof of purchase in order to board the boat.

6: Make Sure There Are Tunes!

music on your new years eve cruise

Make sure there is music on board!! Most cruise ships and luxury yachts will have their own soundsystems on board, in fact some even come with a DJ and everything. But be sure - because I can't imagine anything worse than celebrating New Years Eve in Sydney without music! Like going to the gym and forgetting your headphones! NOOOOOOOO......

7: Is Your Charter Boat Participating in The Harbour of Lights Parade?

Every year Sydney Harbour is brought to life not just by the fireworks but also by the Harbour or Lights Parade, an annual pilgrimage of boats that make their way down Sydney Harbour. This in itself is a fantastic experience but whether you are in it or not has an impact on where and how soon you anchor.
Most boats are anchored and as such, the earlier you get out onto Sydney Harbour, the better the spot you can get.harbour of lights parade sydney 2015

Do you WANT to Participate in the Harbour of Lights Parade?

If you would like to participate in the Harbour of Lights Parade then one of our Boats - Galene is providing ticketed new years eve cruise options that will include the Parade itself.
A Truly breathtaking experience, I recommend this to everyone and strongly recommend you check it out before tickets sell out!


8: Is the Boat Available Before the Official Start Time?

Make sure you can drop off your food and drink at the boat at a time before the event. Last thing you want is to be carting 5 eskies and a grumpy husband halfway across town - hardly a relaxing start to your evening!

9: Make sure there is a Toilet

toilet on new years eve cruise

This one is so obvious and yet so crucial I felt it a necessary addition to this list of things to make sure are included in your new years eve cruise.
We all know that the sound and sight of water encourages our own desire to go 'peepee' so it goes without saying that if you are going to spend the evening surrounded by the sights and sounds of running water that you... yeah exactly.

10:Keep Your Cool.

No matter how bad the music and conversation gets..... OK just kidding, I'm talking about something far more important anyway - Alcohol!
All of our [Any Boats] charter boats and luxury yachts come with fridges and/or eskies so as to provide you with somewhere to keep your drinks cold. Not all boat hire services are as awesome as we are. #Justsaying

keep your cool during your new years eve sydney cruise

11. Make Sure you Can See The Fireworks!

Goes without saying but there are some outfits that honestly seem like they are run by Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles! Make sure your captain knows his stuff and has a good idea of where he is heading - and make sure you can see everything or ask him to move!

12. Can You See The Sky?

Again this looks on paper like a stupid question but be aware of what your ticket gets you and what you are actually paying for.
You will always be right amogst the action when you hire a boat or purchase a ticket for new years eve on Sydney Harbout but some of the cheaper options are on boats where that view might be through a window. For many people this is fine but its best to know exactly what you are getting into.

fireworks over opera house

enjoy the view from your own chartered boat