Kismet SuperyachtKismet Superyacht

As far as super yachts go, Kismet is one of the real standouts. With a strikingly sharp design, smooth lines and a multitude of features Kismet offers a combination of luxury, style and elegance. One of the striking features of Kismet, from afar, is its exterior design. Streamlined to near perfection, the boat is very sporty; perhaps due to the sporty nature of the owner, Shahid Khan.Kismet Superyacht Kismet Superyacht

A step inside the yacht will reveal the most magnificent interior design pattern. The attention to detail is really mind blowing. The owner and designer were so specific on the very minute details, making the whole ambience incredible. On the upper foredeck sits a mosaic designed pool and Jacuzzi. The levelling of both the pool and the Jacuzzi have been done to ensure that guests enjoying themselves can still have an unmatched view of the ocean and the horizon.  Unlike many boats of the same size, this one also has an observation deck at the very top. Accessed through a staircase on the upper foredeck, it is the best place for taking in the sights of the ocean and the magnificent Harbours and ports that Kismet visits.Kismet superyacht

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Kismet superyacht

The boat has used black and gold colours to bring out a high sense of luxury and superiority. The main saloon acts as the central entertainment area, therefore, it goes without saying that it is tastefully designed to attract all manner of guests.  Still on the main deck, a grand piano sits strategically to entice guests into entertaining themselves. If the entertainment is romantic, the staff will light two fireplaces and provide large throw pillows to the guests, if so desired.Kismet superyacht Kismet Superyacht

Speaking of staff, you will just have to hire Kismet to know how well organised and professional they are! Meals are served as desired by the guests, and always on time. They are prompt and this goes a long way in ensuring that the cruise is perfect.

kismet Superyacht Tender

Not to forget, the lower deck has this amazing and large spa area that is available for use to guests. Next to the spa is a beauty salon and a gymnasium to make a complete wellness area. After taking a cruise on this lovely boat, one cannot dream of any other. It is simply on a level of its own.