“Shadow” – another exquisitely crafted Warren Super Yacht is now available at Any Boat. Winter is quickly coming to an end and there is no better way to spend a sunny afternoon, than on a glamorous super yacht. At 77-feet, this luxury cruiser will hold up to 30 people in absolute comfort and luxury. Take her out for a few hours, overnight or even for a week of indulgence.

Shadow SuperyachtShadow Superyacht

Warren Yachts is an Australian superyacht manufacturer that is renowned for continuously raising the bar. They are a company that specialises in luxury cruisers and superyachts in the $5.5 to $20 million range and are famous around the world for their ingenuity, craftsmanship and performance.

[caption id="attachment_847" align="alignnone" width="340"]Shadow Superyacht Shadow Superyacht[/caption]

Shadow is a perfect example of how Warren Yachts built its reputation. It is one of those vessels that will leave a lasting impression on you. Long after you have disembarked, you will be left with a memory of luxury and indulgence. Ideal for simple boat hire on Sydney Harbour for a group of friends, a corporate Christmas party or even to celebrate New Years Eve, everyone on the Harbour will be wishing they were on Shadow with you.