How to Plan the Perfect Work Christmas Party

  • By Daniel Da Silva

How to Plan the Perfect Work Christmas Party

Planning, and more importantly pulling off the perfect office christmas party is no easy feat. You've got the opinions of all the staff to take into account, and of course they all want something slightly different! -and as the messenger and organiser it is there job to remind you of all things you are NOT doing - work mates are a lot like family in this regard ;)

Want to Wipe That Smile Off Onto Their Faces?

What better way to shut your colleagues up than by coming up with a christmas party venue and plan that is so amazing they've got nothing but praise?! Today I'm going to share just that - the secrets to pulling off the best, and more importantly - most memorable Work Christmas party in all of Sydney!

celebrate your office christmas party in style this 2015 Stick with me and your colleagues will be raising a toast to you in no time

Typical Work Christmas Party Activities

The first thing you need to consider is what sort of activities the average office christmas party needs to allow for. Some of the more typical things one could expect at  your average work christmas party include:

  • A centre stage of somewhere for Speeches, Awards, etc to be presented and shared.
  • A Dance Floor - no work christmas party is complete without a dance floor on which to make a fool of oneself.
  • Dinner. It is expected that a sit down meal occurs and as such there needs to be adequate seating, and more importantly, amply food of high quality.
  • Alchohol! - What fun is a work christmas party if you don't get drunk and do something you regret?! Alcohol is the great equalizer here and is always welcome at Office Work Parties across the world.
  • Other formal/informal work related activities etc.... The only requirements here are either a small enough space or a good PA system so the person speaking is heard clearly and concisely from the other side of the room.

Number of People - How many are Coming?

Some offices are small, some are ridiculously large and usually require a christmas party for each section or department. If however you are like most of us and simply trying to accommodate for your staff then specific numbers do not matter too much.

If you are sticking with me and planning the ultimate Christmas party then all you need to do is know how many people will be attending. Be sure to include partners when initially working this out!  Whether there are 30 people or 190 we have Charter boats for Sydney Harbour Cruises to suit.

Oooh, I just let the cat out of the bag didn't I? Oh well, moving on - you would have found out sooner or later ;)


How much is the boss willing to spend per head? By the time you take into account the cost of hiring a venue, organising the food and drink, and of course getting the hired help like waiters and waitresses etc it starts to really add up!

Add to this the fact that most venues also require booking way in advance, sometimes even more so than the large range of Charter Boats we have available and you're left with a decision that has almost been made for you! So what are you waiting for?! ;)

Click Here for a full list of available charter boats for Christmas Cruises and their respective prices.

Pricing Options - You Have Two Choices Here Dependent on your Needs

When Chartering a Boat for your Next Work Christmas Party, which is the best decisions you've made so far - well done, you have two choices for covering numbers and planning the budget.

1: Hire the Entire Boat for a period of Time

In some cases the boat is hired out on a set hourly rate, usually with a minimum of 4 hours - which is about how long a good Christmas party should run - perfect!
In these cases all you are getting is the boat and skipper itself. If you wanted to serve meals and drinks and provide catering then the onus is on you to organise this. Most boat owners are quite accommodating when it comes to allowing service staff on their boat.

This is a great option when you really want to make an impression. Especially in cases where your company might be hosting overseas guests or entertaining VIPS from another division.

2: Pay Per Head.

In many cases, normally in situations where the charter boat is larger and designed specifically for functions and special occasion parties the budget will centre around a per-head basis. In nearly all instances where there is a pay per head option it will also include catering and even drinks and wait staff. Obviously there is a slight premium when paying to cover all aspects of the Work Christmas Party, but in the long run it still works out cheaper than sticking with more alternative and land based venues.

enjoy a christmas work party aboard the Blue Room with seating for up to 400 guests The Blue Room is a perfect example of paying per head on a vessel specifically designed to accommodate large groups of people