Hiilani now known as The Boat

  • By Daniel Da Silva

Hiilani now known as The Boat

The charter boat Hiilani was bought by the operators of Sydney's iconic bar "The Island" last year and this season Hiilani is now known as "The Boat".  The Island and The Boat  will be operating closely along side each other to allow guests the a complete luxury experience.

Hiilani / The Boat has been one of our favourite charter boats over the years and is used for all types of boat hire functions.  We have organised trips on The Boat with as few as 6 guests and as many as 45 guests.  A good piece of trivia is that Hiilani was once owned by the actress Shirley Temple.  The Boat has made it's way around the world with different owners and before coming to Australia Hiilani was used as a game fishing mothership in New Zealand.

Since being a charter boat in Australia Hiilani AKA The Boat has had an exciting life travelling up and down the east coast of Australia hosting boat hire and yacht charters from Sydney all the way up to they Gold Coast and the Whitsundays.  In past years Hiilani would spend summer in Sydney and winters in the north catering to the live aboard charter market.

Now that Hiilani is known as The Boat and she is being run buy the operators of The Island we expect she will see a lot more guests and do many charters for Australia's A list guests.