Finding The Best Wedding Venue in Sydney

  • By Daniel Da Silva

Finding The Best Wedding Venue in Sydney

Today I am on a mission - and yes I have totes chosen to accept it:
I can't remember the exact words ( the message self destructed after all) but I got the gist of it - to find out where the best wedding venues are hiding in and around Sydney. 

But before we can even begin the search we need to clarify a few things...

Firstly - Tradition sucks. You might think tradition is the key to a good wedding and I can't fault you for that. I personally think tradition is crap and hate the idea of getting married in a church... and since I am the one writing this article -suffer in ya jocks. So I suppose that title needs a reshuffle. OK I present to you...

The Best Non-Traditional Wedding Venues in Sydney

wedding venues sydney on glass island 1

Tradition is a slowly dying art - a way of life that is being suffocated by social media and an ever changing world of Political Correctness and insensitivity. But that's OK - I roll with it and enjoy the evolution.... and to those who staunchly refuse to accept this new reality I say #getoverit and remind you that ummm... #FirstWorldProblems much?

A Marriage to Remember

That's all she wants guys. I am married and if I can share one piece of advise it would be stolen from the Penguins of Madagascar - they were very wise penguins indeed!

worldly advice from a penguin

No really! Your woman just wants the perfect day - and one that she won't soon forget - for all the right reasons of course. Generally that involves the men NOT getting involved. In fact the most commitment I expect from you is to... SMILE and WAVE. Just.... exactly.

OK so now we've established the fact that 1: Tradition sucks ass - and 2: So do we males when it comes to planning a wedding it's time to start looking - Sydney is a big city after all.

The Most Beautiful Harbour in the World... Nudge Nudge, Wink Wink

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I think I rule at hide and seek... because egad, I think I just found the perfect wedding venue in Sydney!

When I look back at my own wedding I really don't remember too much about the venue itself. (I got married at Araluen - a non denomination chapel in Epping) What I do remember is the company and the speeches  - and the beer...well the first 5 anyway.

The point is, what I think my wedding was lacking was that WOW factor, that OOMPH that gave the day an edge - something to hang your inebriated memory on.
Perhaps if I'd been surrounded by the pristine harbour and the dominance of the Opera House and Harbour Bridge I would have better remembered the day?

Considering the fact the Sydney Harbour Bridge is also known as the coat hanger - making it the perfect place on which to hang your memory I would say YES... I DO.

wedding venues sydney 2

 Do You Take This...Idea To Be Your Lawfully Guided Advice?

What if I sweeten the deal by apologising for the above heading?

There are thousands of places you could go in Sydney to celebrate your wedding and/or the afterparty but all of them pale in comparison to the experience, views, and overall atmosphere of a wedding aboard a charter boat on Sydney Harbour.
Not only does this wedding venue provide the best views in Sydney - guaranteed, it also means you have the option of moving to different areas AND you've got somewhere to throw uncle Dave when he gets drunk and starts dry humping the waitress. WINNING!

Quick question Uncle Dave - Can you swim?  .... why do I ask?  no reason ;)
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