Is Australia about to welcome a new super yacht? John Symond is getting ready to accept delivery of his newly constructed Mega Yacht Hasna. Exciting news for John but also very exciting news for all of us with an interest in super yachts! With six double cabins, she can accommodate twelve very important guests in absolute comfort and luxury. There’s even room for 21 staff members to stay on board and tend to your every need.

Hasna super yacht

For those of you that are of the view that size matters; well in this case it does! Hasna is a whopping 239 feet. That’s 72.8 metres! His last yacht was a 45 metre Sunseeker. Not a bad upgrade! How much for all this extravagance? Well Hasna is reported to have cost Aussie John somewhere in the vicinity of $110 million. Give or take a few.

Hasna Super Yacht

One big question remains; Where will Hasna and Big John live? There are some reports stating that John will retire and move to Monaco. Nothing has been confirmed though. Being a big super yacht fan myself, it would be so exciting so see Hasna cruise into Sydney Harbour. That way John will have the biggest yacht and the biggest house on the Harbour! That’s a big double!

Ghost II Super Yacht

What a sight to see Hasna berthed next to other super yachts such as Ghost II and Sahana! She will be twice the size but at least we’ll be able to charter Ghost II and Sahana!

Sahana Super Yacht