Celebrities and SuperYacht Charters

  • By Daniel Da Silva

Celebrities and SuperYacht Charters

I was going to call the article Sydney's Sexy Celebrities and their Sleek Super Yachts but after saying it thrice my tongue ended up wrapped around my elbow and so I decided it was all too hard.

As such this article is going by the easy to remember and devilishly simple title of Celebrities and Super Yachts. Rather fitting considering the article isn't necessarily talking about Sydney, and let's be honest - the celebrities in questions are not all that sexy. ;)

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5 Celebrities in Chartered SuperYachts...

Nothing exceeds like excess, and nothing says excess like spending  over half a million dollars for a weekend on someone else's yacht. Let's take a closer look at some of these celebrities and get an insight into how the other half live... or rent as is the case ;)

Beyonce and Jay Z - Altitude

beyonce and Jay Z - altitude Superyacht Celebrities beyonce-and jayz enjoying the superyacht galactica-6

Beyonce and Jay-Z: The hip-hop power couple regularly charter megayachts worldwide. One of their sightings was aboard the 180-foot Benetti Altitude, a 12-guest yacht that boasts a helipad, on-deck hot tub, gymnasium and at-anchor stabilizers. Charter rates start from a modest $225,000USD per day.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt - Ghost (Warren 87)

Superyachts and Celebrities 11.-brad-pitt-and-angelina-jolie-ghost-1

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie know that size doesn't matter and that style and sophistication speaks louder than most. This is probably why they decided to charter the Warren 87 Ghost I  - a boat based in Sydney Harbour that also happens to be managed by Any Boat (hey, that's us!)

Experience your own 'celebrity status' with a day (or night) out on Ghost I - click here to learn more and confirm availability.

ghost_boat_hire_8 Ghost exudes style and class from all angles.


Leonardo DiCaprio - Topaz

topaz super yacht for charter

Leonardo DiCaprio: The man who brought the sinking of the charter yacht Nadine to life in the film “The Wolf of Wall Street” went all out for the recent World Cup in Brazil, where he chartered or was a guest on one of the world’s largest yachts, the 482-foot Lürssen Topaz.

Edit: I believe Leo was a guest on Topaz (Life's tough for some) although I am surprised the owner was so forthcoming considering how well the last ship he was on fared...

titanic__the_sinking Hope he paid the extra coverage fee :p

Prince William and Kate Middleton - Sea Stream

Prince william and Kate Middleton - Sea Stream

Whilst playing in/visiting the Maldives, these two young Royals enjoyed some island-hopping during a charter aboard the 76-foot Ferretti Sea Stream. We think that maybe they had dreams of fleeing the paparazzi or leaving them in their wake - because Sea Stream is the fastest charter boat available in the Maldives.

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson - Phocea

celebrities who charter superyachts

With a history at sea that includes run ins with pirates and being stranded on a desert island with nothing more than a netball called Wilson, it is a surprise that Mr Hanks is even entertaining the idea of going back to sea. Luckily he did though...

He and wife Rita explored the Turkish coastline in absolute style and class when they booked the 246-foot sailing yacht Phocea.

More Insanely Expensive Super Yachts Available for Charter.

celebs - Superyacht TV is an expensive charter

Whether it's a film festival in Cannes, a play in Venice or a Formula One in Monaco, the rich and famous are having to make the tough decisions around which Super yacht they want to charter.

Those who don’t have enough cash or reason to purchase a superyacht of their own will be chartering a luxury vessel, with some fetching more than £500,000 for a weeks charter. That's over 1 million Aussie dollars! (Yep, the exchange rate is over half!?!)
With helipads for those who don't like having to drive from the airport to the port, spacious decks for all-night parties, and luxurious interiors for dinner parties with guests these floating palaces were designed from the ground up to be a playground of indulgence and excess. Perfect for the average celebrity!

Read the full story and see more awesome pics of these incredible vessels here:


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