I’m feeling good about next year. Don’t ask me what it is, I couldn’t put my finger on it if I tried, but I just got a feeling that 2016 is going to be amazing. You with me? Well let’s make sure we start it with a bang – by sending off 2015 in style!

Cruise New Years or Lose New Years.

The difference between Cruising New Years and Losing New Years comes down to planning ahead. Deciding what to do and where to go in Sydney for New Years is the easy part – trust me, we’ll get to that. But if we don’t plan ahead then we may as well grab our picnic blanket of defeat and hope there’s a gap between the buildings wide enough to afford us a view.

The Biggest Problem Facing Sydney New Years Eve Revellers.

The biggest problem facing most Sydney revellers on New Years Eve is a lack of planning and forethought. Taking the time earlier in the year – around September and early October, to plan your night can not only save you considerable money as you are not paying last minute prices, it can also guarantee you get the best seats in the house for what is arguably the greatest new years eve show in the world – the Sydney Harbour Fireworks and light show.

Australia and Sydney Harbour are known throughout the world, and when our famous landmarks explode in a cascade of colour and pyrotechnical exuberance and you’re sitting front and centre, you’ll be glad you planned this 2015 New Years Eve in advance.

What to do and Where to go in Sydney for New Years Eve.

That’s like asking which part of the water is wet – because Sydney come new years is a buzz with life and incredible sites and experiences, and making sure you have a front row seat to the spectacle is paramount. So where is this front row seat and how to get myself there?

The Best Place to See the Sydney New Years’ Fireworks – Hands Down!

I don’t usually make claims like this, but I can – no I will guarantee that the best place to see the Sydney New Years Fireworks for the final night of 2015 is on the harbour itself. That’s right; Booking a New Years Eve Harbour Cruise and getting yourself and your party onto a boat to spend the evening cruising Sydney harbour is the ultimate way to finish 2015 and welcome in the New Year. The City of Sydney New Years Eve itinerary is not one to sneeze at either, with light shows and firework displays being shown at 9pm for the kids, followed by hours of light shows and entertainment before the final count down – at which point the entire city of Sydney explodes – quite literally. And what better place to witness this amazing spectacle than surrounded by best friends and family sitting on your own chartered boat in the centre of all this action? Relax with a drink and enjoy being waited on, content in the knowledge you can go stretch your legs and no one is going to steal your spot or worse, block your view.

For more information on the availability of New Years Eve Cruises in Sydney be sure to visit us at Any Boat- the Sydney New years Harbour Cruise Specialists. So what are you waiting for?

Get yourself a front row seat to the greatest new years show on earth and make sure you book your Sydney New Years Eve Cruise with Any Boat today!

Stay Safe and Make Sydney Proud!

You’re proud of your Country and by crikey you’re awful proud of this great state of Sydney. You love that the world turns to watch us bring in the New Year in a flurry of colour and light, exploding over the most recognisable landmarks in the world. And why wouldn’t they? We do it first - and this writer for one would like to think we do it best as well.

But please don’t be a pelican – we’ve got enough of them. Be responsible, get there early, leave glass at home, use plastic where and when you can – and for Pete’s sake – look after yourself and your best mates – if you don’t who will?

Finally, stay safe and have so much fun it hurts. Happy New Years Sydney!

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