On 26 January, Australia celebrates their national day, and in Sydney the world's most beautiful harbour comes alive, with the majority of Australia Day events and activities happening on or around the harbour.

Experience the excitement and get amongst the action with an Australia Day Cruise and get up close and personal with the many events that are planned throughout the day.

Australia Day Cruises offer privileged access to the activities of the day and more importantly, puts you right in the heart of the action - and trust me when I tell you there is some pretty incredible 'action' planned throughout the day.

What Can I Expect to See On My Australia Day Cruise?

Well for one, you are going to be greeted with incredible scenes like this:

australia day - tall ships regatta

The events and activities planned around Sydney harbour are truly breathtaking and, whether you are out on the water or not, is something I recommend to everyone. Experiencing Australia Day in Sydney is akin to New years eve. The whole city seems to be in a great mood and the excitement in the air is almost palpable. It goes without saying though that when you experience our National Day on a charter boat in the middle of the harbour (and you can be an arms length from magnificent vessels like the ones above) you get that same feeling 10 fold.

Other events that have been planned on and around Sydney harbour during the Australia Day Celebrations include:

  • Cruising Concert
  • Harbour Parade
  • Morning Indigenous Ceremony
  • Tall Ships Race
  • Salute to Australia
  • Ferrython
  • Australia Day Regatta
  • In the Sky: Red Berets and Russian Roolettes
  • P&O Cruise Ships in the Harbour
  • Smoking Ceremony

Visit the official Australia Day website HERE to see a list of events on Sydney Harbour and find out more specific details about any of the events listed above.

Now are you beginning to see why Australia Day Cruises are such a popular choice? Not only are you given the best seats in the house for all of the above events, you also have the sweet soundtrack of the cruising concert filling your ears -when the Red Berets aren't flying overhead and wowing you with their aerobatics that is ;)

things to do on australia day - thongs in the sand

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With Australia Day being such a huge event and the harbour itself being centre stage for the majority of these events, Australia Day Cruises book very quickly. Get in early and secure your Australia Day Cruise to guarantee your spot in the heart of the excitement that is Australia Day in Sydney.