What does a Russian billionaire who is a retail kingpin buy to treat himself? Well a US$250 million super yacht of course! Sergey Galitskiy is the owner of the Russian retail chain Magnit and is worth about $7 Billion. Befitting a man of his stature, Quantum Blue is a 341 foot (104m) super yacht designed by Alberto Pinto for the ultra-luxurious manufacturer Lurssen.

super-yacht-quantum-blue-bow quantum-blue-superyacht-feature-at-any-boat-stern-view

A quick look at some interesting facts will leave you in awe. This behemoth of a yacht’s operating costs are more than a lot of our salaries put together. Capable of accommodating 14 guests in 7 cabins, there are also 20 cabins for the 40 or so crew required to maintain it. That’s right, 40 crew. Well there are 5 decks to maintain at approximately 1700 for each deck. The hull is constructed of steel with the superstructure made of aluminium to help reduce weight. Then of course there’s all that teak decking to keep polished. When considering the amenities on board this super yacht the question shouldn’t be “what does it have?” but the opposite – “What doesn’t it have?”

quantum-blue-superyacht-feature-at-any-boat-night-cruising quantum-blue-superyacht-feature-at-any-boat-panoramic

A movie theatre, Jacuzzi, private gym, a garage space for your tender, a helicopter landing pad, a swimming pool and a beach club are only but a few of the amenities available on board. Why would you want to step foot on land again? And when she does decide to dock, where does a super yacht like Diamond Blue go? Well Cannes of course? The Mediterranean playground for the very rich and famous.

quantum-blue-superyacht-feature-at-any-boat-close-up super-yacht-quantum-blue-at-port