The Best Wharf Locations are the ones that are actually still available. With streets closing faster than you can say "Happy New Year" and the CBD becoming as accessible as a cab at changeover time - finding out exactly where you should board your new years eve cruise is crucial.
I mean, see all those blue dots on the map? each one represents a Wharf where you could potentially board your hire boat.... except on New Years Eve that is.

Plan for Your Whole Night, Not Just The Cruise Part

I would also make plans around how to get there and whether parking is available in the immediate vicinity. In the last post I talked about the 12 things to make sure your new years eve cruise includes, and here I again touched on the importance of organising how you are getting to and from the boat. Finding out the best wharf to board your new years eve cruise is all well and good but if you can't figure out how you're actually getting there and back then it's all for naught really. So organise already! ;)

Jones bay wharf in sydney

The 3 Best Wharves to Board Your 2015 Sydney New Years Eve Cruises

1: King St Wharf

king st wharf location

King St Wharf is a sophisticated waterfront restaurant and tourist precinct located on the eastern shore of Darling Harbour.

exact location of king st wharf

Follow this link to find out exactly where it is and how to get there: - King St Wharf in Google Maps

2: Rose Bay Wharf

rosebay wharf

Rose Bay Ferry Wharf is located on the southern side of the bridge just off New South Head Road, and located next to Lyne Park.

Follow this link to find out exactly where it is and how to get there: RoseBay Wharf in Google Maps

3: Sydney Fish Markets Wharf

sydney fish markets

Famous the world over and more than just a wharf, Sydney Fish Markets are a day out in their own right, with an amazing selection of restaurants and freshly caught fish for you to choose from. Oh and there's also a wharf.

sydney fish market wharf

Follow this link to find out exactly where it is and how to get there: Sydney Fish Markets in Google Maps

Keep in mind that although there are at least another dozen wharf locations around the Harbour and Sydney CBD, most of these are inaccessible due to street closures and New Years Eve changes to traffic flow etc.

And remember, plan ahead or risk getting that sinking feeling!

plan ahead or get that sinking feeing