Aussie Built Superyacht on Sale Now

  • By Daniel Da Silva

Aussie Built Superyacht on Sale Now

Silver Fast is a 77 metre Australian built super yacht that is currently available for sale.
Got a cool $90,000,000USD handy? Of course you do

The 'Silver Series' from Silver-Yachts Australia

Simplicity, Efficiency and Speed.

SilverYachts is an award winning team of boat builders based in Fremantle, Western Australia who - and I quote - "build custom, high performance & efficient aluminium vessels"

I could go on but I think in this instance a picture really does say a 1000 words, and besides this super yacht really is, in this writers opinion at least - a thing of beautysilverfast aussie built superyacht 3

You can learn more about SilverYachts HERE

Superyacht Silver Fast

SILVERFAST is a 77 metre super yacht and the most advanced ecofuel-efficient superyacht in the ground-breaking Silver Series from SilverYachts Australia.

Launched in March, 2015 she is the fourth luxury superyacht in the 'Silver Series', with her sister vessels and three predecessors being:

  • Rabden (73.5 Metres)
  • Dragonfly (73.5 Metres)
  • Smeralda (77 Metres)

Designed by Espen Øino Silverfast retains the super-sleek hull lines and unique contours of her predessors but sports an interior that has been totally redesigned as well as a striking new all dark silver paint.

Silverfast is pictured above with the all new Mercedes-Benz S500 Cabriolet as part of an advertising campaign. See the video below which of course includes detailed footage of the interior and exterior of this stunning super yacht.silverfast aussie built superyacht 2

Living Up to Her Name

Silver Fast is Silver, I'll give her that. But is she fast?

At 77 metres (252.6ft) and with a top speed of over 27 knots, yes SILVER FAST is indeed fast.

In fact, in terms of length to speed ratio, Silver-Fast is the world’s largest and fastest aluminium motor yacht with conventional propulsion.

Silver Fast is also the fastest long range cruising yacht – 4,500 nautical miles at 18 knots and 6,200 nautical miles at 14 knots with an already proven capability to effortlessly complete long passages in every sea state. She is also capable of crossing the Atlantic Ocean at an average cruising speed of 22 knots, which is record-breaking performance.

silverfast aussie built superyacht 5 Silverfast superyacht 1 silverfast aussie built superyacht 1 SILVERFAST_yachts_charter silverfast aussie built superyacht 7

Sources and Credit

Thanks to Silver-Yachts for providing the imagery and the facts and figures surrounding speed and efficiency.
Learn more about the SIlver-Fast as well as all the other incredible super yachts in the Silver Series at their website (link below)

Find even more detailed information about Silver Fast and her sale as well as a host of images at the following website: