Any Boat has a new web site.

  • By Daniel Da Silva

Any Boat has a new web site.

It has been a long time coming but Any Boat has finally launched it’s new web site with a beautiful new design and advanced features. Boat hire has never been easier than it is now thanks to all the new features we have introduced at

The new web site is the first in the industry to allow real time payments so that you can pay for your harbour cruise on line with no human interaction. Once we have issued your invoice everything is automated.

Any Boat is also the first charter boat agency in the market to have a real time shopping cart. If you are interested in new years eve cruises, whale watching, lunch or dinner cruises, then you can simply add as many tickets as you need to the shopping cart and pay on-line in a few easy steps at any time of the day.

We know how busy you are so to makes sure that there are no hitches in your boat hire preparation the new web site will automatically;y send you emails reminding you about payment dates and event details.

At Any Boat we also know how much our users rely on social media so we have added full social media integration to make boat hire easier to share with your friends. You can now share any of our pages on Facebook, twitter, and other social media outlets so that you can show your friends the various boats before you book, or use the page to invite guests.

Have a look around the new Any Boat site if you are looking for boat hire and let us know your opinion. We value your feedback.