Fancying a lovely getaway to the beach? Want to go on a tropical trip to see hidden gems that will fill your Instagram with #travelgoals posts? Then a jaw-dropping Whitsundays Sailing adventure might be what you’re looking for!


This beautiful paradise location in Queensland is full of wonders like golden sand beaches, crystal blue waters and colorful coral reefs. There are so many things to do and we hope we can help you narrow down the activities you can take part in while enjoying an amazing superyacht charter and cruise Throughout the Whitsundays.


Hanging Out at the Beach


One of the main reasons why the Whitsundays have become a popular tourist attraction is the beaches you can find there. Dreamy Whitehaven, the lovely swirling sand bars of Hill Inlet beach, and many other shorelines where you can visit and explore.

relaxing tropical stay


You’ll enjoy swimming in the blue waters, surrounded by out-of-this-world natural beauty. With 74 islands in the area, there’s no shortage of vibrant, heavenly places to hang out in. Make the most out of your Whitsunday cruise adventure by going on an exciting beach-hopping adventure! This truly is one of the Wonders of the World!


Relaxing Tropical Stay


Many hotels in The Whitsundays are designed to give you a luxurious and relaxing experience. Be sure to stay offline and move away from the screens of your phone and laptop so you can just enjoy the serenity and tranquility of the area.



Check out the Great Barrier Reef


One of the most amazing natural wonders of the world, the Great Barrier Reef in the Whitsundays is sure to amaze you.

Home to a biodiverse marine life and is known as one of the 7 natural wonders of the world, this coral reef is a must-visit diving and swimming spot whenever you’re in Whitsundays!

great barrier reef


Spanning 2,300 kilometres with 3,000 individual reef systems, you’ll be seeing many different species of fish and other marine animals in their colourful habitat.


This picturesque expanse of corals is a part of everyone’s go-to list on Whitsundays so be sure to put it down in yours!


Turtle Spotting


One of the activities you can’t miss when on a Whitsundays Sailing adventure is looking out for the adorable turtles living near the Great Barrier Reef.

When you’re moored near seagrass or you’re heading to Whitehaven Beach in Tongue Bay, you’ll be able to see the turtles as they come up for air.

turtle spotting


You don’t really get to appreciate these beautiful and ancient creatures until you have seen them in their natural habitat. For most people, this can quickly become the highlight of their trip and something they hold onto for many years to come! Arrange it with your superyacht consultant so you can have the best guides if you want to get up close and personal with the sea turtles.

Feasting on Good Food


If you think that you’ll be able to gorge on seafood when you’re on the island, then you guessed it right!

An adventure to The Whitsundays is a culinary delight with the variety and quality of the food. There are many cafes and restaurants available on the islands serving fish, shrimps, lobsters and more!

feast good food


Complete your luxurious sailing experience by enjoying fine wine and first-class food. You can even opt for a superyacht for hire option that comes with a private chef with a very special a-la-carte experience.

Whitsundays Walk and Hike Adventure


If you’re more of an energetic, go-getter type of person looking to use your time in the Whitsundays to embrace nature, this group of islands has something for you!

hiking adventure

Several bushwalk and nature hike attractions are available, from easy tracks for beginners to challenging ones for the more experienced ones. When you go up the mountains, you’ll be able to get unobstructed views of the islands for more picture-perfect moments.

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