Whale watching season is upon us and you might be thinking of heading down to Sydney to watch the majestic whales and other animals pop up near the shores of the NSW capital. From getting a boat for hire or taking a hike to the best spots, here’s a list of the best whale watching spots to help you have the best experience!


What is Whale Watching?


Every May to August, around 30,000 whales migrate north from Antarctica to the Coral Sea for mating and giving birth. In their journey to their breeding grounds, these beautiful marine creatures swim closely around Sydney’s coastline.


Whale watching is a fun activity where you'll look at the whales pass by near the shore for breeding and food.


And as they come up above the sea level to breathe and jump out, they let lucky Sydneysiders and visitors catch a glimpse of their large and awesome appearance. During this time, and peaking from June to July, you can expect sightings of humpbacks, southern right whales, dolphins, and even oceanic birds near Sydney coast.


Where to watch whales


There are many ways and places where you can watch whales in the Sydney region. On land alone, there are 38 spots along the coast and harbour, so we’ll narrow down your choices with some of the best venues for this fun activity.


1. A private boat charter


Naturally, getting as close as you can to the water will provide you with an astonishing viewing experience. By getting a private whale watching boat charter in Sydney, you’ll get the best seats in the house without a crowd around you.


Best Whale Watching Spots - Getting a private boat for hire in Sydney will let you see the whales as much as possible.


You’ll be almost face to face with the whales and dolphins. If you get lucky, they’ll jump right in front of you for a picture-perfect moment.

What’s more, these private boat charters offer food and beverages so you can make a whole party out of it.

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2. Ticketed whale watching cruise


The next best thing to a private cruise is a ticketed one. You’ll still be in the middle of the water, and you’ll be sharing the viewing platforms with other guests.


Best Whale Watching Spots - Get a ticketed whale watching cruise!


3. Cape Solander, Kurnell


As the official spot where the passing whales are counted, this lookout in Kurnell is one of the best places to watch whales from.


You’ll find info about whales on the boards scattered in the area. Helpful volunteers are there to lend their hand, especially to the first-timers who have difficulty in spotting them from afar.


Best Whale Watching Spots - Take a hike to Cape Solander for the amazing vantage point


This place is known as the best spot because whales are known to swim as close as 200 metres from the shore!


4. Fairfax Lookout, North Head


If you’re looking for a place where you can watch the whales on their way north, while also getting a view of the beautiful harbour and city skyline, a hike to the Fairfax Lookout at North Head.


This tall cliff provides a perfect view of the sea below so you can see as many whales as possible. Just watch out for the water streams and get your binocular so you can close up when they appear.


Best Whale Watching Spots - A hike into the tall cliffs of Fairfax Lookout at North Head will give you amazing views of the whales and Sydney Harbour!

Also, this spot lets you see the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House from a one-of-a-kind perspective!


5. Coast Track Royal National Park


For those who fancy a bit of trekking adventure before watching the whales, then a hike on the Coast Track in the Royal National Park is right up your alley.


Best Whale Watching Spots - Go to the Coastal Track at the Royal National Park for amazing views and watching areas!


This vantage point offers a panoramic view of the ocean below where the whales will be swimming. Thanks to its high coastal cliffs, you’ll be able to spot the beautiful animals on the water.


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