Are you ready to pop the question? Ready to ask your “significant other” to spend the rest of your life together? If you are, you must be in deep thought right now, thinking of romantic ways for your proposal.

Fortunately, one of the most romantic cities in the world is here to help you set the mood and whisk away your girlfriend, boyfriend, or life partner so they will give you the sweetest word you’re looking for: “Yes.”

From hiking to beautiful places, up to getting a boat for hire, here are 4 of the best proposal ideas in Sydney:


The Unexpected Speedboat Ride


Romantic Proposal Ideas In Sydney - Speedboat Ride

Proposing while riding a speedboat is one of the savviest ways to pop it because, well, speedboats. And when you do it in the lovely Sydney Harbour with a “spontaneous” twist, it becomes even more special.

Start with a lovely brunch or lunch in the city near any public wharf. And by arranging it with your boat charter agency, you can ask for the speed boat and its skipper to be at the wharf before you even go there.

Take your S.O. for a walk and spot the speedboat waiting for you. Pretend that you’re just going for a closer look and that you’ll find out that the skipper is offering a ride for low prices and you want to do something like this for the fun of it.

It’s important to convince your partner to hop in, so be sure to be a smooth talker. And once you’re in the ride, you’ll see how beautiful the harbour is from that unique point of view.

And once you are under the Sydney Harbour Bridge, you can either have the boat stop due to some “technical issue”, or you can ask the skipper to take a photo of you under the bridge.

Now it’s up to you on how to get down on one knee and spring that question.

Tip: If you want a friend or a professional photographer to capture this moment, you can ask him or her to stand by Milsons Point for the best angle.


The Smooth Sydney Cruise


A smooth Sydney Harbour cruise aboard a beautiful yacht or a superyacht is a really romantic experience. Surrounded by magnificent buildings and nature parks, with the ocean breeze caressing your skin.

With the right place, you can ask your soon-to-be-fiance to walk with you on the deck so you can look at the harbour together.

Once she or he is distracted by the harbour, take it as the chance to go down on one knee and offer your “forever”.

Romantic Anniversary Ideas In Sydney - Smooth Sydney Cruise

The Luna Park Ferris Wheel


Overlooking Sydney Harbour is a major sight to behold.

When you and your partner are riding (and even dining, if you are proposing during October to December) in a private carriage on the Luna Park Ferris Wheel, it will feel like a whole new world. You can take the chance to propose when the car is on top, with the whole of the harbour as your witness.

Proposal Ideas in Sydney - The Luna Park Ride

The Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb


Proposal Ideas In Sydney - Feel the thrill

One other “top of the world” for proposals is an exciting Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb. This 3-hour climb provides you with plenty of set-up time and you’ll have plenty of chances to ask your question. Climbing the bridge is strictly a guided tour, but depending on your chosen package, there’ll be a lot of resting stops for food, photos, and some games.

Just make sure to ask him or her before the descent for the best image opportunities!


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