Ahh, school formals. It’s the time for the students to leave all their problems behind for one night and just focus on enjoying time with their friends, eating good food and dancing to the music.


It's a once-in-a-lifetime event for many people, so it’s really important to make it as special as you can. From magical venues like a party yacht, or out of this world themes, there are many things to consider when throwing a kickass school formal.


Tips for A Kick-Ass School Formal - Great Venue


Admit it or not, you know that everyone who’s going through his or her 12th year in school can use a few hours where they can forget studies and social pressure.


So make it worthwhile. From getting a famous band to play, or hosting the ball in luxurious boat hire options, there are tons of ways to make your school formal one your audience will cherish.


How though? Well, we have your back. If you are in charge of planning and organizing a school formal, here’s a shortlist of tips on throwing a school formal so unforgettable, they’ll be talking about it in their reunion.


Find a jaw-dropping venue


When deciding a venue for a school formal in this day and age, don’t forget:


Your audience is 18-year-olds. And they have Instagram and Twitter.


But don’t be too scared of being roasted. You just have to make sure your venue will have to look nice and pretty for their IG and Twitter feed.


Instead of getting boxed in a hotel ballroom, why not try holding your school formals in party boats or superyachts? There are many boat hire options in Sydney that look perfect for the job.


Tips for a Skick-Ass School Formal - Great Venue


You’ll have your choice of sleek and modern ones like Starship Aqua, or elegant classics like the Constellation. Not only are these boats beautiful, but you’ll also be going on a Sydney Harbour Cruise while partying.


Tips for a Kick-Ass School Formal - Superyacht Hire


You’ll get a magnificent view of the Sydney Opera House, Harbour Bridge and the beautiful city skyline at night. This will give the students the perfect selfie and groupie background, so one less thing to think of during the party!


Choose a theme with a twist


Yes. We know that it looks like every theme has been exhausted. Go-to ones like Under the sea and Casino Royale are so used that it might feel less enchanting anymore.


Don’t fret though. The trick is to be mindful of your audience whenever you are choosing a theme. Feel out what they would want and put a little twist on it.


Tips for a Kick-Ass School Formal - Have a Unque Cool Theme


You can combine classics like Black and White with Masquerade. You can even choose quirky themes and ask your guests to put a formal spin on it. Or you can go, “Casino Under The Sea”. How does that sound?


These kids have too much creativity. They’ll think of a way to fit your theme, into their formal suit and gowns, no matter how weird it is.


And the beauty of party boat hire in Sydney is just like hotels, you can have them fit your theme so you won’t have to worry about setting up your party.


Serve food for the “gram”


“Food is love. Food is life.”


You’ll see this sort of caption on any kid’s IG page these days. Everyone is now a foodie and everyone is a reviewer.


So make sure you serve your food in a presentable way and keep them flavourful. One advantage of getting a yacht for hire for your school formal is having professional chefs cater to food just for your party.


Tips for a Kick-Ass School Formal - IG-Worthy Food


So you can say goodbye to hotel food and say hello to a scrumptious feast cooked specially for your event.


Planning a school formal? Let Any Boat help you make it memorable with the perfect boat for hire experience! Call us at 1300 221 933 or visit www.anyboat.com.au for more info!