Thinking of Hiring a Boat? 3 Crucial Things to Remember.

  • By Daniel Da Silva

Thinking of Hiring a Boat? 3 Crucial Things to Remember.

Chartering a boat for the day is a fantastic way to celebrate a special occasion, enjoy lunch with a difference, or just enjoy being surrounded by the tranquility and beauty of Sydney Harbour . But when it comes to hiring a boat there are a few things you need to do to make sure your day goes swimmingly... unless of course you don't want to get wet, in which case let's go with 'smooth sailing'

*Be aware, I've got a whole bag of bad puns and cliche and I'm not afraid to use them!
 Wanna Sea?

3 Tips For a Great Boat Hiring Experience

1. Wharf location and accessibility

plan ahead or get that sinking feeing

Probably one of the most important things to check, the location and accessibility of the wharf is also the most overlooked aspect of the boat hire process.  Throughout the year there are multitudes of Wharves around SYdney, with the majority of boats being able to access them. But come New Years Eve an other special event times, and these wharves all of a sudden become inaccessible, hidden behind kilometres of closed road and public street closures. Therefore, knowing where your boat is picking you up from and making sure you can get there quickly and easily is paramount.

We have already taken the liberty of providing a list of the best wharves in Sydney - with this article focusing on New Years Eve and the road closures that effect wharf accessibility

Best Places in Sydney to Board Your {New Years Eve} Charter Boat

you can also check the availability and location of every Sydney Wharf by following this link **HERE**

2. Power and tunes and Food/Drink Storage/options etc

no tunes or power makes babies cry
This is the face of any human being upon realising there are no tunes and the only way to get access to music is to put up with 'Uncle Jimmy' singing 'Your Song' after consuming 18 ciders.

When Chartering a boat or going for a cruise on Sydney Harbour make sure you know whether there is power on board and/or adequate charging areas to power your smart phones and iPod devices. Most of the boats we manage do infact have power on board but there are some vessels that will require you to either bring a generator (if you plan on having a DJ present for example) or just make sure the people with decent music in their Spotify accounts have enough charge in their phone to get everyone through the evening without having to resort to 'Uncle Jimmy'

3. Be Prepared!AreYouReady_000013893201_dny59-684x340
"Dib dib dib dob dob dob."

Bayden Powell would have been an awesome Sailor had he not been so obsessed with neck scarves, camping and merit badges! Why?  because he lived by the mantra of 'BE PREPARED' and when it comes to boating, being prepared is more important than anything. Unlike other hobbies and pursuits, when you are out on the water you can't exactly drop in at the local 7-11 to get some new batteries or top up the oil. Besides, you ever go to the gym and forget your headphones?!

OMG Right?!!? I'd rather die than go through that horrible music-free workout session where I had to actually focus on the television in the top corner and try and decipher some foreign correspondent whilst the lady on my right tried to start a fire with nothing more than the friction of spandex and excess body fat.

Basically when you are going for a cruise or chartering a boat for the day make sure you plan ahead and make sure you pack for a worst case scenario in the following areas:

  • Music and Tunes (Make sure there is power on the boat or that you have adequately charged devices - refer to the Gym and no headphones analogy above)
  • Food and Drink (Allergies? Food not Kosher enough? Whatever the case may be it is up to you to advise the boat owner and staff and/or make alternative preparations
  • Sun Protection and Self Preservation  - Slip Slop Slap, that's a given, but self preservation also means making sure you bring any and all seasickness medication or prescription drugs. I would also recommend not getting obliterated the night before. Get drunk on board no worries, but trust me when I tell you that nursing an existing hangover is not the best way to experience boat hire on Sydney Harbour.

The Perfect Day on the Harbour

Whether you are hiring a small fishing boat with some mates or chartering a corporate floating venue for an office Christmas party, enjoying your day on the harbour really comes down to doing your homework and being prepared.

And next time you're at the gym and you forget your headphones think of me - and then watch some foreign correspondent on a TV too small to focus on. Then think about how much you wish you were on a boat on Sydney Harbour :)oscar luxury yacht hire new years eve sydney