Imagine you and a lover, going up to 40 knots, the Sydney cityscape blurring around you as you speed through the water. How badass would that feel?


Well, every moment with this beauty is like that. Even when it’s berthed at the marina, swaying as the water sway, the irresistible La Dolce Vita is an enchanting boat hire option on Sydney Harbour.


Out of the hundreds of beautiful boats on Sydney Harbour, what makes the La Dolce Vita the sweetest treat?


Here are the reasons why:


Her eye-catching design


This speedy cruiser, known to a lot of Sydneysiders as the “Italian wooden speed boat” is a classically inspired charmer. She recently had a refurbishing, making sure everything is perfect before she takes on her role as the star of Sydney Harbour cruises.


La Dolce Vita has an eye catching design.


She features a timeless exterior, sporting a classic frame crafted from African red mahogany wood. Polished chrome accents complete the 1950s theme, making her shine with elegance.


Two comfy seats up front give the driver and a passenger best seats in the house for enjoying what’s ahead. A wide bench at the back can seat up to three adults, so you can bring more of your special guests.


La Dolce Vita has amazing amenities.


All the seats are wrapped in luxurious white leather, adding to the undeniable elegance of the adorable speed boat.


Her open-top design will give you a breathtaking view of the famous Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge. You'll get the best seat for viewing the city’s beautiful landscape from the harbour. It won’t matter if your boat hire is in the afternoon or night, Australia’s capital stays a marvellous sight all the time.


Her amazing amenities


Sunbaking feels so good. The warm rays kissing your skin, giving it a lovely colour. We know you love this, that’s why the designers of this sweet treat from the ’50s fitted her with rear sunbeds where you can just lay down and let the sun toast you a bit.


La Dolce VIta has amazing amenities.


She’s always stocked with fresh high-quality towels so you can dry yourself up from the spills and splashes from the exciting Sydney Harbour cruises.


Blankets are available for those who’ll get a little bit chilly whilst on the ride.


For those who have the La Dolce Vita as a wedding transfer option, disposable ponchos are also on deck if you want to avoid minimal splashes reaching formal suits and wedding gowns.


Unique Possibilities


Are you expecting limitless possibilities when riding this speed boat? Well, you’re in luck because getting this unique boat hire option in Sydney can lead to wonderful moments.


One of the most exciting reasons why this adorable boat is a fave is there are too many possibilities in your adventure.


It lets you arrive at your wedding in a show-stopping fashion. She can also whisk the bride and groom away to the reception after the ceremony so they can arrive in elegance and style.

La Dolce Vita lets you enjoy endless possibilities.

Sight-seeing is a blast when you have a 360-degree view around you, letting you see the beautiful buildings, beaches and all Sydney’s best views.


Interested in getting a taste of the sweet life with La Dolce Vita? Call us for enquiries or learn more at our site!