Excited for the Sydney Mardi Gras Parade? We are too! We can’t wait to see the beautiful people of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and “+” (LGBTQ+) community marching down Oxford St, celebrating love, pride and equality 


Aside from the colourful costumes, the creative floats, and all of the wonderful participants of the world’s largest pride parade, one of the most exciting things about the upcoming festival is, wait for it…


Catch the amazing floats at the Sydney Mardi Gras Parade


IT’S ANOTHER REASON TO PARTY. And you know what this means, it’s time to get out on the harbour with some great boat hire options in Sydney and go all out dancing, singing, and swimming. And if you’re looking for more reasons why you should get a party boat, here are 3 awesome things you can do during Mardi Gras.


Get your Mardi Gras tan on


🎵Here comes the sun🎵 Fancy getting a little sun-kissed for the night party? Want to get a little colour on your skin so you won’t show up looking pale and unhealthy for the parade? Well, we have good news for you.


Getting a party boat for a pre-Mardi Gras Parade celebration is a great way to get the chance for a nice sunbath. Many yachts and superyachts in Sydney are equipped with daybeds, trampolines, and sunbeds perfect for letting your skin get warm and toasty.


Chill and catch a Mardi Gras tan on Sydney!


You can find vessels of any size and shape with spacious decks with open roofs so you can get a dose of sunshine on your skin.   


Mardi Gras Yacht Party




Mardi Gras is the time for letting your hair down and going into party mode! If you’re looking for a more private and sophisticated venue so you can celebrate before or even after the parade, getting a boat for hire in Sydney is the way to go!


You’ll be surrounded by the beautiful sites around the harbour, so snapshots of your party can feature wonders like the Sydney Opera House, the Harbour Bridge, or Bondi Beach.

Yacht for hire options in Sydney lets you choose any boat size to fit no matter what your ideal guest count is. Planning a get-together dinner for your closest friends, or throwing a cocktail for a hundred people, you can find a perfect boat for any event in Sydney.


What’s even cooler is that you can even have DJ’s on board on some of the more spacious party boats, and with the right equipment and the right anchoring spot, you can turn the ocean into your own pool party!


If you want to put a luxurious spin on your party, doing it on a Sydney harbour cruise will do the job.


Mardi Gras Recovery Party


Ooooh. What a night. After all that jumping up and down, after drinking all night, after a night of endless fun, comes a scary thought: the morning after. 


Dealing with the day after a really fun night can sometimes be hard, but a recovery party aboard a beautiful boat hire might relieve some of the hangovers you’ll be facing.


Enjoy a On my way! recovery boat party after a fun Sydney Mardi Gras!


Boat hire options in Sydney lets you throw mellowed down parties where you can just relax while the yacht or superyacht coast through the harbour. You can choose to serve light food and light drinks, so you can spend the day or the afternoon just letting the tipsiness pass.


Recovery parties are a great way of healing you from the night’s festivities so your body and mind can be ready for more adventures to come. You’ll need the calm and quiet only a day out in the ocean aboard a yacht for hire can bring.


Any Boat is ready to help you find the right yacht or superyacht you need. Thinking of throwing a Mardi Gras Party in Sydney? Let Any Boat help you. Call us now to learn more or browse our party boats!