Less than 24hours to go. Have You Got Your Ticket?

  • By Daniel Da Silva

Less than 24hours to go. Have You Got Your Ticket?

Ok so maybe New Zealand (and Fiji) get to celebrate New Years before Australia, but since when did we give the Kiwi's credit for anything?!*

*Russell Crowe and Neil & Tim Finn are totally Australian... aren't they? :p 

In terms of celebrating New Years Eve, and I mean really celebrating - Sydney leads the world. Literally AND figuratively...best places to watch the sydney fireworks

What Makes New Years Eve in Sydney So Amazing?

Before you can have an amazing fireworks show you need an amazing stage on which to perform, and when it comes to stages it does not get much better than Sydney Harbour.
New York is one of those places famous for its New Years Eve revelry but as a resident of Sydney I personally cannot see what all the fuss is about. I have been to Time Square on New Years Eve and watched the ball drop - and it doesn't even drop quickly!?!

Beautiful harbour surrounded by the elegance of the Sydney Opera House and the grandeur of the Sydney Harbour Bridge vs. a ball on a stick. Yeah I'll stick with the celebrations down under thanks ;)

Tickets Are Still Available!

Incredibly there are still a few tickets left (at the time of writing this there are available tickets although this may not be the case as you read this) and are available on one of the best boats you could possibly ask for.

Galene is taking part in the Sydney Harbour of Lights Parade and as such will give her occupants access to the restriction zone and the best anchor spots on Sydney Harbour. At $495 a ticket - which includes a fully catered menu and all you can drink - she is also arguably the best value boat available for New Years Eve Cruises.

With less than 24 hours to go I cannot stress enough how fortunate it is that tickets are still available on a boat participating in the Harbour of Lights Parade.

Assuming they have not all been sold prior, follow this link here and secure your tickets on Galene now

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