If I was to ask the average Australian what two things best summarise this great southern land of ours- and more importantly, how they plan on integrating this into their Australia Day Celebrations they would probably come back with a whole host of answers, none of which would be wrong I might add.

Australia Day on Sydney Harbour

One of the many answers that I kept hearing was Sydney Harbour and the weather. The other answer synonymous with this question - and a common reply for Australia Day is Backyard Cricket! -Why didn't I think of that?! Cricket is as much a part of Australian culture as the humble meatpie - and to think of celebrating an Australia Day without it is borderline sacrilegious.

Some of the other more common (and somewhat amusing) answers included:

  • Sydney Harbour and Backyard Cricket?
  • Thongs and Lamb?
  • Beer and burnt Snags on a dying BBQ?
  •  Slip n' Slides and wading pool eskies
  •  The beach and screaming children
  •  ALL OF THE ABOVE?!! - I go with this answer.

All of the Above indeed.

Australia Day - BBQ cheers mate

But how does this help someone who is enjoying an Australia Day Cruise?

There is method to my madness - and I was hoping you'd ask that question because it all ties together rather nicely (even if I do say so myself) - all thanks to...

Triple M's 'Australia One-Dayer' with John Boston

Beers. BBQ. Bands...
...and a floating cricket pitch in the middle of Sydney Harbour.

I guess we know what Triple M's answer to the above question is - and for one am not disagreeing with Sydney Harbour and Cricket as two great answers!

What Exactly is Happening?

Well it appears that Triple M are giving away tickets, allowing you the viewer an opportunity to get up close and personal with the action. You win tickets this way:-

Triple M Australia Day one dayer promo

If there's one place you want to be on Australia Day - THIS IS IT! 
Triple M and our mates at John Boston Beer bring you a world first, the 'Australia One-Dayer'.
To score an invite be listening to 104.9 Triple M and call 1 333 53 when you hear the ‘Ripper-bonza-bloody-beauty-Aussie' song. 
Let all your mates know - we'll be playing each song everyday sometime after 8am, 10am & 2pm.
Grab your boardies... it's gonna be a bloody beauty.

And they are right you know (where's Morgan Freeman when you need him) - it is going to be HUGE and its going to be BLOODY AWESOME..... so I hope you win a ticket ;)


backyard cricket on Australia DayWant a Guaranteed Ticket?

While all of Sydney listens intently to Triple M and hopes that they will have an opportunity to see this amazing event unfolding the smart ones are booking themselves an Australia Day Cruise and taking advantage of the guaranteed front row seat that a cruise affords.

At Any Boat we have access to the largest range of luxury yachts and sports cruisers - perfect for that day cruising on Sydney Harbour celebrating our national day.

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I will leave you you with a question and a link.

Do you think Australians should prioritise Lamb on Australia Day? This campaign seems to think you should - and in typical Australian style - it's HILARIOUS and not totally PC! (bet the vegans are kicking up a stink - well as much stink as one can kick up when one has no protein or nutrients in their body ;) )

Watch the video below and enjoy a good laugh now and on Australia Day 2016